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An Astronaut was coming to earth and bringing a lot of gems withhimas a gift but an unfortunate accident occurred and his UFO gothitby a giant meteor and the precious gems were lost in the deepspace.Now he has repaired his UFO and ready to find the gems buthe can’tdo it alone, he needs your help to that. You have to helphimcollect all the gems so he can deliver them to us as a gift.TheAstronaut is running around his UFO but he has to jump andcollectthe gems and he can’t jump on his own so you have to makehim jumpand collect the gems. You have to collect only the greengemsbecause the red ones are covered with poison that’ll killhim.Install this amazing game and enjoy the 1400 fabulousandentertaining levels.Main features:Very uniqueconcept.AddictiveGameplayUnique UFO theme1400 amazing levelsHDGraphicsReleasesStress and anxietyAmazing time killer gameTotallyfree todownloadTranslate up to 70 languages. What are you waitingfor anepic Astronaut Survival awaits you, download and installtheAstronaut Survival Adventure and help out your Astronautfriendwhile having fun.

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    Astronaut Survival Adventure
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    March 31, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Blitz Game City
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    Street#4 plot#4 Gulshan-al-Huda socity Park Road , Islamabad
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Car Crash Infinity Loop start challenging your friends by competingthe highest score and have extreme fun with best time killingaddictive game, try Car Crash Infinity Loop free now and haveunlimited fun with the most entertaining and trend game You need todrive through the circle track as long as you can to beat thehighest score, avoid accident with other vehicles. Sounds verysimple game! But harder to champion. Adjust your car speed to avoidcrash with other cars, tap on right or left for speed up or breaks. Have fun with several challenging levels and different vehicles.So, can you beat your opponent score, try to make records and putyour friend in troubling challenge. Play more and unlock more cars,achievements and amazing levels, you will never get bore whileplaying Car Crash Infinity Loop, check detailed features below. CarCrash Infinity Loop FEATURES: Simple and addictive gameplay.Different tracks with different environment. Fantastic differentcars. Several levels. Lovely sounds. Challenging and addictive timekilling game. Supported 70 plus languages. Totally free todownload. No internet needed to play. Try your survival skills withthe free Car Crash Infinity Loop, Have fun with your friends andfamily with the best arcade racing + brain game. Car Crash InfinityLoop by Blitz Game City in Arcade category 2018.
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