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GL to SD(root) 2.4.1
Root Required.Get huge games to external SD(micro SD) and workfine.So you can easily move the game data files to external SD cardand solve the problems that internal SD space is too small.It alsoapplies to other games data to external SD, such as gun bros,Dungeon Defenders.Users can customize the mounted folder insetting.Must wait for data loading is complete, and set the folderwith the corresponding app.It can be used in exceptional folder ornavigation, etc.How to use and please Note: Only rootrequired.1.For new user,using "move data" function move your gamedata to external SD.(Android/data folder is moved to "externalpath/data" ,gameloft/games folder is moved to "externalpath/games",and Android/obb is moved to "external path/obb" folderin the SD card)2.Run this program.It lists games and click 'open'to play.3.For old version(v1.x.x). If you wanted see other games(not gameloft),press Menu->Click "Setting"->Check"/sdcard/Android"->back to list.4.If you want to click thedesktop icon to execute or update from PlayStore,You need touncheck "unmount when leave" in app setting and click mount.5.Pressand hold can remove game item.6.If you flashed new rom or updatedand "GL to SD" didn't work,please clear the data of "GL toSD".7.Note that this app is not compatible with other mount app orscript, for this would interfere with each other and causing theunmount timeout.Support Android 4.2 above from version 2last oldversion you haveany questions, email developer rather than to the star.Problemabout "mount /unmount timeout".Just click twice.If you use sonydevice,you need to flash remount-rebootfixer. for Pro users:Add slots of"custom folder" to 100.Mount at boot.Check and delete duplicatefiles in internal memory.Remove ads.Support for developer to modifyand improve this app.**Limited to the core of each phone setdifferent, each phone have encountered can not guarantee normaloperation.If not executed, please return your phone's models andROM versions, have the opportunity to add in the new version.**Whenyou want to connect to the computer as a USB hard drive, rememberto unmount(or check auto unmount).**If you are willing to translateinto your native language, please send an email to the developer.
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