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Do you love flying car games? Get ready for a wonderfuladventureand drive amazing sports cars, luxurious limo cars, bigcars andbuses. Drive amazing different cars into the sky and becomethepilot of the flying cars in a beautiful city. Enjoy as youplaydifferent levels of amazing fun and adventures in a big city.Flyacross and near the beautiful big buildings and skyscraperstransporting people.Flying Robot Cab Futuristic Transportsfocus ontransport of people. Ever wonder what a crazy flying taxiwouldlook like? Well go ahead and enjoy piloting many cars fromthefirst airway flying cabs. Drive amazing new different cars suchasfast sports cars, luxurious and expensive limousine to pickupimportant and rich people. Drive the big bus and transportpeopleand tourist and show them around the beautiful city fromamagnificent angle.Explore the amazing city from the sky andperformAriel stunts and acrobatic car stunts to master the drivingofamazing flying racing cars. Have fun driving the racing carsandbig cars to pick up people and drop them at theirdesireddestinations. Go to the destination safely and landcarefully tocollect fare and earn points. Drive and collect moneyand bonuspoints at mission objective completion to unlock moreamazing, fastand beautiful big cars with great grip. Download theamazing newFlying Robot Cab Futuristic Transports car and pick anddrop thetourist/locals in the most amazing 3d flying taxi game ofthe year.

App Information Flying Robot Cab Futuristic Transports

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    Flying Robot Cab Futuristic Transports
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    March 29, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Black Cell Studio
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Welcome to the era of Women Kung-Fu Fighters game, Fight, Brawl andSlam your enemy down and Finish her in this girl fighting game.Welcome the most amazing women wrestling and kung fu fightingtournament of the year. Women Kung Fu Fighting is an old schoolfighting style tournament with addition to modern world skills andfighting styles. This tournament is worldwide famous so wheneveryou’re fighting the whole world is watching. Not only that, withevery fight is held at a different arena or different locationaround the world so may have to fight in the jungle, in the city,in the airport or some places like that. Wherever you go, eyes willbe watching you and it’s on you to give them a good show. Womenfighting game have many women characters, that have entered thetournament but only one has succeeded every time. Fight with yourfavorite women character and beat every other wrestler, fighter orkung Fu fighter there is to emerge as the queen of the tournament.Become the queen of the arena by declaring yourself the victor, bydefeating every single female kung Fu warrior.This women streetfighting game is very easy to play, first you select your mode,which you want to play, we have story mode, or player to cpu modeor cpu to cpu modes. In story mode, you have to chase every womenfighter and kill them with short time. Use fighting combo or useyour own fighting skills and let’s fight. This game has multiplefemale characters that have distinct fighting and wrestlingabilities. Put your fighting instincts to use and show no mercyagainst the rival title holders. There are multiple locations setup for where you’re fighting, choose your favorite location tofight yourself. Enjoy the amazing fighting and sound effects in theamazing women kung fu fighting game. Enjoy responsive controls andrealistic animations of girl’s fighters in and only in Women KungFu Fighting game.
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Epic treat for the fans of Epic battle simulator and modern warcravers. Witness was the fall of huge armies, human and robotwarriors.The latest Epic Battle Simulator: Advance War is theamazing new battle strategy game based on the concept of humanwarriors. Experience ground breaking clash of human warriors andclassic weapon and war tactics only in Epic Battle Simulator:Advance War.Epic Battle Simulator: Advance War is the most amazingwar simulator out there. Built a strong army and command them andlead them to glory. Build the most furious and strongest army inthe whole world. Lead your armies to victory, spawn soldiers andalso manipulate war vehicles. Witness the clash of man vs. man andmachine vs. machine in this classic style clash of battle ofarmies. Enjoy the battle of fighters and witness breathtaking clashof armies on the battle field.Epic Battle Simulator: Advance War isvery war action based game where you have to fight battles to builda stronger army earn gold after you defeat the rival army.Experience is with each fight, the clash of battle warriors. Spawnsoldiers anytime into the battlefield. To buy stronger solider youhave to earn and spend more gold on each solider.Remember that youare the commander of the army of the battle league. Built yourfavorite army is from scratch assign position to your soldiers,tank and vehicles before and during the battle league. You can sendnew soldiers to war, during the clash of battle. You can deploy apart of your army to a specific location. You can change your armywar tactics. You can change your battle formation. You can replacesmall soldiers with stronger soldiers in the next war. You candeploy any soldier, robot, jeep or tank at any place to build astronger modern army.The goal is to take over the enemy’sstronghold and destroy it. A stronghold is a place from where yourarmy comes from, it is the only secure place an army has duringwar. If you take out your enemy’s stronghold and capture it, thatarmy automatically loses. Send your army to a war from yourstronghold to destroy the enemy’s stronghold. Both armies will dotheir best to destroy each other’s strongholds. Keep watch of allthe soldiers; human and robots in the battlefield and deploy humanand robot fighters where your fighters are being killed or are lessin numbers. Use small fighter warriors to fight with small armiesand use robot warriors and jeep and tanks to destroy stronghold orpack of armies. Jeeps and Tanks can use machine guns and firemissiles.Step into the arena and battle with the furious armies ofthe world. Defeat all armies and take over their strongholds so youcan win amazing battle and prove your army’s worth. Test yourbattle and war instincts, become the war commander of your army.Command your army to the victory in the amazing battle and waraction game the Epic Battle Simulator: Advance War.
Street Fighting Revolution 1.2 APK
Street fighting revolution is a street fight game and we arecalling out to the entire street fighting around the world to cometogether at the annual street fighting championship and show theirstrength and abilities. Its time you can prove yourself among therivals of your kind in the Street Fighting Revolution. Welcome theworld of fighting man and women fighting championship together.Many street fighting are joining this world fighting event. In thisstreet fighting game, you can play at amazing new exciting placesaround the earth. All matches are held at different places withextreme climate and environments. Fight from the depth of hugeJungles to the hot surface of enormous deserts. The world of streetfighting wrestling is now revolutionary and has come with manydifferent characters with many different superpowers and fightingskills. From a series of a large number of characters you can playas any character you want. This is our latest and the most amazingfighting simulator you will find on the internet these days. Playas being one of Fantastic Street fighting who will brawl on thestreets of different city.Enjoy the simulation of multiple amazingcharacters with their amazing sound effects and realisticanimations. The controls provided in this game are very amazing andsuper realistic. With responsive controls and interactiveenvironment the street fighting revolution is the best fightinggame you will ever find. Download street fighting revolution todayand play as one of the many amazing male or female fighting