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Navigate the depths of the sea from the beach of the gamboa andlive a great adventure in your submarine, but be careful not to hitthe other submarines and other creatures that are in the game.Avoidobstacles and collect as many coins as you can to unlock and buynew models of submarines.To play just slide your finger on thescreen to move your vehicle.Have fun playing gamboa war!

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    Gamboa War
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    June 5, 2017
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Bonako - Digital Games & Mobile Applications
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    Palmarejo, Rua São Vicente nº54 PO BOX-231A Praia Cape Verde
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Ayo Game 1.5 APK
Ayo Game is a board game play all over Africa and some parts ofAsia, America and the Caribbean. Its is a strategy board game andand the rules are not uniform in all the countries where itsplayed. The first version of this game developed by bonako is basedon two forms of game play- Pia and Seca – that is popular in CapeVerde Islands.This is an ancient game which its origin is unknown.However, some believe that the game was invented in Egypt duringthe time of the pharaohs and was later taken to various parts ofAsia and other parts of Africa. During the slavery, it was taken toAmericas and Carribean.This game goes by other names, such asAwari, Mancala, Adi, Awale, Woaley, Wari, Ncho, Ouri, Adji,Ogedesi, Uko, Awele, Woro, Oware (Owari), Kboo, Kbo, Ayo, Ayoayo,Kale, Aghi, Bantum, Oril, Abawo, Adjito, Axoxodi, Darra, Djènonabé, Djènon abouré, Goré, J’erin, Je ki n je, Jodu o Kyekyemapuduo,Kpèh, Odú, Ayo Eleh o Ba-awa, Oguidize, Ohojitxi, Olowuka, Ouril,Redu, Sokusowó, Tihulelin Ti-n Azgag, Woaley, Wouri, Anywoli, Bao,Bechi, Enkeshui, Gebeta samai, Giuthi, Igisoro, Kiothi, LameUweiedet, Maide, Mbothe, Ndoto, Omweso, Selus, Sulus Aidi, SulusNishtaw, Uugg, Buqruru, Kkuz imrujen, Krur, Leb Bbut Ahboxen,Mankal’ah (Leab el-àkil), Mankal’ah (Leab el-ghasheem), Modiar,Mraw imrujen, Sdis imrujen, Um dyar, Akon(g), Kale, Kar, Kisolo,Mbek okola, Mbere Kabwanga, Kanotta, Katra (tanala), Katra, Katra,gorobaka, Katra mpantsaka, Katro, M’palé, Msuwa, Msuwa wa Kunja,Mulabalaba, Nakabili, Nchuba, Nchuwa, Njombwa, Tshuba, Ali GuliMane, Cenne, Pallankuzhi, Pasu Pondi, Txuca Ruma, Vai Lung Thlan,Halusa, Congklak, Dakon, Motiq ka ia, Ô ăn quan, Sungka, Nord iEst, Eson Khorgol, Togyz Kumalak, Ayo ararà, Wari ararà, Waurie.
Fritch Fratch 1.1 APK
This is a digital version of a popular Board game in Africa andelsewhere. In the first version, each player has 3 pieces and thegoal is to be the first to form a line (vertical, horizontal ordiagonal), while preventing the opponent from doing the same.
Go Bona 1.0.1 APK
Go Bona is a game produced by Bonako game, inspired by thecharacteristics of an African tribe in some of its characters.Alost and ancient desert city that long ago was home to some ancientblack magic users. They used their powers to make spirits do theirbidding. Until one day an evil dark spirit, with powers beyondtheir imagination, overpowered the black magic users and destroyedthe city and it's inhabitants. Many centuries later Bona, our hero,found this lost ancient desert city and accidentally woke the evildark spirit which now threatens to destroy everything in it's path.Bona must now get away from the city with all his might and survivethe evil dark spirit's wrath. Will you be able to help our hero?
Guia dos Serviços Publicos 1.0 APK
“Guia de Serviços públicos” é uma compilação de informações sobreserviços da Administração Pública Cabo-verdiana cuja organizaçãoestá orientada ao ciclo de vida das pessoas, ou seja desdenascimento à morte.Trata-se de um projeto da Casa do Cidadão queconta com a parceria da Direção Nacional da Administração Pública eGabinete de Comunicação e Imagem do Governo de Cabo Verde;Além dedisponibilizar informações, integra um conjunto de funcionalidadesuteis das quais: 1) georreferenciação - permite o utilizadorlocalizar o balcão de prestação de serviços públicos mais próximode si; 2) linha grátis 8002008 – permite o utilizador efetuar umachamada ao Service Center para o efeito de pedido de suporte ouinformação complementar; 3) “Push Notification” - possibilita aCasa do Cidadão notificar todos os utilizadores do aplicativo sobreum determinado assunto ou evento. 4) Favoritos - o utilizador podecriar a sua própria lista de favoritos, escolhendo tópicos do seuinteresse, em função do seu perfil; 5) FAQ’s - consultar questõesfrequentes, colocadas ou procuradas por outrosutilizadores."Utilities Guide" is a compilation of information onthe Public Administration services Cape Verde whose organization isgeared to the cycle of life, ie from birth to morte.Trata is aCitizen's House project has the partnership of the NationalDirectorate of Public Administration and Office of Communicationand Government of Cape Verde image;In addition to providinginformation, it includes a number of useful features including:1)georeferencing - allows the user to locate the counter to providepublic services closest to you; 2) free line 8002008 - allows theuser to place a call to the Service Center to support applicationfor effect or information;3) "Push Notification" - enables theCitizen House notify all application users on a particular subjector event.4) Favorites - the user can create your own favoriteslist, choosing topics of interest, depending on their profile;5)FAQ's - consult frequently asked questions, placed or sought byother users.
Biscas World 1.0 APK
Biscas world is a popular card game in Cape Verde and around theworld with origins spanning as far as Italy and Spain. In this gamethe objective is to score as my points as possible and to preventyour opponent from doing the same. The game is available inEnglish, French, Portuguese and Creole. You can challenge yourfriends on social media in a multiplayer game and compare who hasthe higher score. Or you can go head to head against the computerin a single player campaign.
238CV 1.0.2 APK
The 238cv is a robust and eficiente Application for tourism in CaboVerde. The app aims to ensure visitors a truly discover andexperience Cabo Verde, as well as promote the country as a touristdestination.The 238cv mobile app allows visitors to plan theirtrips well in advance, through the search fot information on whereto stay (hotels, pensions, guest houses, B-&-B, etc.), where toeat (restaurants), what to do (events and activities) and how toget around (rent a confortable vehicle for your trip’s). User canalso make reservations and pay for certain services.Users will alsofind in the Application a range of information about servicesassociated with maps (tourist attraction, banques, pharmacies, busstops, embassies/consulates, among others) that allow users to getthe best directions and guide from one location to another.
Apere 1.0 APK
The objective of APERE is to aim in the right direction to try tooverlap a square block on top of the other, which consequently willbe cut each time it overlaps. Each time a piece is placed on top ofthe other, the player accumulates points. Challenge yourself in thesea or on the desert!
Atlantic Music Expo is a meeting point for music professionals inCabo Verde, Africa and both sides of the Atlantic. AME includesconferences, networking meetings, professional market and showcasesof new talents.