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Train your sniper shooting skills in most enhanced advanceJurassickingdom by shooting the flying dragons and dinos angryrampage.Develop wildlife hunter skills to stop flight dragon anddinos fromcomplete jungle destruction. Advance your training skillsand huntthose dinosaurs in this cool 3D jungle environment fpsgame. Trainfast and take these huge T-Rex dinosaurs out with just asniperrifle in this free online wildlife army training game.Experiencethe real thrill of legends dragon target hunting practiceofmultiple types of dinos in this action packed pre historicjungleatmosphere 3D game play of free dragon game. This is adangerouskill dino mission and hunting dragons so use stealth armymode toget closer to T-Rex and other carnivorous dinos in this freefpsdrill mission. In this best dinosaur shooting game Aim, pointanddirect shots on pre historic targets specified to becometruewildlife army protector. Locate the dragon boat of thesedragonguerre & dinos roaming in jungle of best dino games andfasttrigger shoot these carnivorous animals before the startthrowingfire balls on you with way of dragon. This isn't hunting ofdragonrobot or robot trains but you will be facing dragons battlewithbloodthirsty enemies in this dragon game. Get ready to jum andgunin dinosaur hunter survival: free shooting games, you have toshoot& hunt dragons in this best dino games in world, untilyoueradicate these slither dragon in cyber battle of greendragonhunting ground.In best dinosaur hunter survival: freeshooting yourmain objective is to pick up your advance sniperrifle, huntingrifles as first hunter, antiques gun and start mostintensive dinohunting free army shooting exercise of gun shots byhunting flyingdragon as dragon rivals since they are looking forprehistoric preyfor hunter survive in this redefined free gungames. Earn your armydino pro hunter, dinosaur hunting freesurvival game trophy bycompleting trunks dragon 3d hunting missionexercises in dragonbattle of dinosaur game gun games.World bestdino hunting GamesFeatures:• Actual thrill of dino chase hunt withdeadly dinoattacks• Amazing graphics with pre-historic jungleenvironment indinosaur hunting games.• Many thrilling dinosaur newgames trainingexercises for your learning.• Awesome game play withattackinganimations.• Deadly dinosaur sound effects and huntinggames dino.•Multiple dino hunting assault missions in dinosaur newgame 2018.•Easy and Smooth First person shooter controller ofhunting gamesdinosaur.As dinosaurs hunter, remember The Future ofJungleSurvival Hunt Depends On Your Dino Hunting Skills in thisbestdinosaur hunting games!

App Information Jurassic Flying Dragon Kingdom: Dino Hunter Games

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    Jurassic Flying Dragon Kingdom: Dino Hunter Games
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    April 25, 2018
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    Android 4.2 and up
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    Octa Games Studio
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Join in the fun of destroying base of armed terrorists in this freeonline modern firing game for action seeking players. In this newfree third person game, you are the main character that will defeatcriminals and save the world. Take out your sniper rifle and shootto eliminate all enemy personal using perfectly smooth controlsmade for players easy target achievement. You also have the optionto throw grenades and blasters conversely on the criminal’s hideoutto finish them off. It is your duty as a leader of your squad tolead your team into successful missions before these criminals usetheir weapons on innocent civilians. Accept the role of a hero andstop all enemy plans of city destruction from becoming a reality.Hide under the cover of the cold snow like an expert sniper and useyour rifle to pinpoint vehicles of enemy and destroy them. As anelite hero shooter sniper, you will have the chance to choose fromverity of portable and blasting weapons from your secret spot onmountain. Your team is deployed in the middle of winter season onthis dangerous mission, so you need to weather the frost bites andwreak havoc on terrorists. This multi-level snow packed coveredmountain terrain game play will challenge the players into enteringthe enemy base camp like an unseen ghost to eliminate all theterrorists. Player will be thrilled to play with advanced consolelike controls for quick trigger pulling and hitting the target withprecision in this free first person online game with awesome 3Dgraphics features. This will be a fierce fight between good andevil so give all terrorists a fatal blow after fatal blow on everylevel until you’re the last standing man and win this game. Sodownload and start winning your first mission right now and getglued to your gaming screens! As the protagonist of this awesome& mind boggling enemy sniping 3D free gaming world, you arevirtually undef-eatable so take long shots, short range shots andlet bullets fly from your sniper gun to become best player. Toaccomplish these missions, our commando is fully trained andequipped with plenty of different kinds of weapons. These were theweapons which were present in World War and was used during thewar, it will provide you real World War experience. This AmericanCommando can be equipped with guns like Thompson, M1 Grand, Bar,M3, M14, Colt 1911 and finally a Bazooka. The Controllers areamazing and smooth which will help you to move around easily and totake aim accurately. In this serene surrounding in this new 2018sniper special combat game, protect your country from terrorism byeradicating everything standing in the way of finishing your task.Don’t hesitate to move forward in front of your mates and be thefirst to pull the trigger fast to shoot down, maim with enemyshooters and gangsters. Don’t let anyone escape the fury ofAmerican senior war hero sniper bullets in this amazing free onlinecombat mission game. In this multi-level game you will be givenmore army artillery weapons and bonuses but you must win each levelto unlock these benefits. Become the brave sniper player on thissnow covered slippery mountain, facing cold winter storm. Use yourbest gaming skills to not only crush confidence of these evil doersbut you must also survive this frosting winter weather on mountaintops. You must quickly hunt down enemy base house and use yourrifle to take long distance range shot to defeat these offenders.Leave no way for them to run. Take shot after proper aim at allyour nemesis and come down from top of the mountain onto the levelground and take shots of every mafia escaping in their campingground. Annihilate all enemy jeeps, runaway vehicles and tanks byfollowing them in your own tanks. Game Features: 1) multiplelanguages supported 2) stunning graphics with highly optimizedenvironments 3)smooth and easy third person controller
Deep Blue Sea Shooting 1.0.5 APK
Deep blue sea shooting is a full of mysterious action pack gameplay. You not only enjoy the game although face the fear.Face thewild angry and hungry monster underwater creature like shark, orca,octopus,killer whale and many other carnivorous.Play as a scubadiver and experience the death valley.Its an epic survival modegame, angry monsters are hungry and its do or die condition.Unleashyour skills for deep blue sea shooting as first person free roomingshooter where you explore your shooting skills with ultimateweapons like pistol,machine gun, rifle,sniper and many morefuturistic weapons.You are stuck in deep blue sea where yourcompanions got killed by angry sharks and you have to fight foryour survival and try to save yourself from angry wild sharkjaws.Experience the multiple mysterious environments with diversityof furious epic wild shark hunting, hungry whales and orca. Itsrace against time the time is ticking off you have to play smartly,use appropriate weapons according to the villainous creature sothat you can damage them hard to survive other wise you will beattacked by the monsters or you can say that you will be invaded bymonsters hungry shark species.The evil sharks are rebel, cruel,gigantic and epic killer and you have to use the skilled tactics tosurvive and protect your cage.You have to counter attack the sharksto fight for your life and win to get over the next monster wavewith ultimate evil hungry sharks.If you lose, you can try againforever until you win, don't worry it’s a part of game.You willlearn how to survive and negate the monsters. Prove yourself aultimate survival scuba diver fighter to use different strategiesto payback angry sharks.Game features:• Man VS Villainous deep seaspecies• Unleash the angry shark titans • Exciting user experience•Diversity of monsters with ultimate jaws attack• Realisticunderwater deep sea experience• All weapons are unlocked• Addictivegame play for every age person• Stunning graphics with rationalenvironment and sounds• Endless epic survival mode with evil angrysharks
Wild Animal Hunting: Survival 1.0.1 APK
Wild animal hunting survival Game is an epic escape mission whereyou have to use all your sniper and shooting skills for survive inthis safari jungle. Unleash your skills for jungle shooting assniper shooter where you can hunt different wild animals so calledwild creatures like Deer, Stage, Loin, Gorilla, Zebra, Elephant,Wolf, Tiger, Black Panther, Rhino and white bear. Use your snipergun to shoot them before attack you. Wild animal hunting survivalgame you have to utilize the army lone survival skills for shootingto survive and fight against animals and find escape from thehunted Island. You must show your brutal attacking skills to huntdown wild beast and carnivore jungle animal and save yourselffrom their counter attacks in this survival jungle. Game Mission:In this “Wild Animal Hunting Survival” your mission is to kill thewild animals which are counter attack on your Safari Jeep, you areequipped with unique killing weapons, aiming at the dangerousanimals is around the green jungle areas. You are required to hitthe focus on your target and do not let them loss from the scene.Take your sniper rifle and kill them all. Huge animals have strikeon forest so be alert, hold your breath, aim and fire with uniqueweapons and ammunition. As a jungle sniper shooter you haveresponsibilities to save the jungle life and war with safarianimals. Eliminate the Deer, Stage, Loin, Gorilla, Zebra, Elephant,Wolf, Tiger, Black Panther, Rhino and white bear shoot them one byone quietly with your sniper skills. You need to complete the taskin the given specific limited time. Kill given animals and collectcash to easily unlock the more missions and powerful sniperweapons. You are equipped with many weapons like sniper gunfire,shotguns, pistols, assault rifles, AK47, AS50, AS50, M4A1 anddagger etc. You can see all wild animals in your Safari Jeep. Gofor hunting adventure but keep in mind wild animals will attack onyour Safari Jeep too. In this “Wild Animal Hunting Survival” gametest your sniper skills by choosing wild animal targets carefullyas you clear the forest of the wild beasts and become the bestCommando on this jungle survival game. Use all the possible toolsand weapons to defend yourself from wilderness creature. GameFeatures: • Assault jungle commando shooting missions • Bestcontrols with best graphics. • Real jungle sound effects • Best2017 first person shooting game experience • Weapons used snipergunfire, shotguns, pistols, assault rifles, M4A1 and dagger •Efficient weapon controls & movement • Best 2017 jungle huntinggame experience • Fun and joy of hunt • First person shooting gameplay • HD Jungle Autumnal environment • Addictive gameplay •Realistic Safari visuals
Jungle Drive 4x4 Jeep Safari Hunting 1.0.2 APK
Octa games is exceptionally privileged to launch this jungle drive4x4 Jeep safari hunting game specially for pro gamer. Are youlooking for extreme simulation,adventure,mysterious action packedentertainment to kill your time? Prepare your self to unleash thebeast and face your fear closely to survive and hunt the mosticonic carnivorous creature. Welcome to the jungle mania,eat,sleep,drive,hunt and explore the mysterious jungle with ultimateangry carnivorous animals.Use all your sniper and shooting skillsmake perfect strategy drive 4x4 jeep close to your targeted prayand hunt different wild animals so called wild creatures likeGiraffe, Deer, Stage, Loin, African Gorilla, Zebra, Elephant, Wolf,Tiger, Black Panther, Rhino and white bear.Make sure this time youwill face your fear its not an ordinary creature its a wild safarikiller. Explore the jungle with its mysterious creature, drive your4x4 jeep and freely move where you want to go and feel the mostrealistic environment of jungle with diversity of weathers. Feellike a pro gamer start your journey as a hunting expert visitdifferent jungles and search your pray to survive. Make sure youhave kept safe distance from wild creature otherwise the beast willgot angry and kill you.Its totally a do or die situation eat,sleepand hunt to survive in a terrified jungle.Show no mercy and utilizeyour brutal attacking skills to wipe out wild creature.You havelimited resources like medikit, painkillers and bullets so usewisely and enjoy the ride. You have highly advanced weapons likearcher, rifles, machine gun,shotgun and pistol to hunt wildanimals. Jungle Drive 4x4 Jeep Safari Hunting Features: • highlyoptimized environments with multiple weathers. • stunning soundeffects • addictive game play • diversity of attacking andnon-attacking animals • most thrilling and stunning graphics •smooth and super easy 4x4 jeep controller with supported firstperson shooter • close combat with wild jungle animals • diversityof multi languages localization e.g arabic,chinese,dutch,english,french,japanese and portuguese etc • nointernet is required all missions can be play offline. • fullyoptimized for smart phones and tablets devices • reward and bonuses
Crazy Sky Drive Car Track Mania Simulation 1.0.5 APK
Welcome to the simulation world, now you will drive the beastvehicles in ultimate track mania city for pro gamer. Crazy SkyDrive Car Track Mania Simulation is the full of adventurous stuntbase game with diversity of sky environment. Fasten your seat beltand unleash the beast by playing this action packed stunt game.Yes, there is no age limit, everyone can play this energetic game,just download and have fun with diversity of stunts.You havecollection of different vehicles with realistic physics basedcontrol. You will collect coins,fuels and gain stunt bonus forqualifying to next extreme stunt. You will found both ultimaterealistic and futuristic environment for fun.In fact you havemultiple choices for different maps and vehicles. Make sure thisstunt game is only for fun or a good way to spend your time byfacing different challenges based task.Please dont try this anywhere as this is only a game for a pro gammer. Explore the ultimatesmart crazy sky drive track mania, its race against time the timeis ticking off and you have limited fuel to complete theadventurous stunt.Control your speed while turning or be a prodriver for this crazy sky drive track mania. You have highlyadvanced vehicles with realistic physics to compete with your fear.Its a narrow line between your fear and dream.Be a pro stunt driverand play for fun feel the realistic game play and make a stuntrecord to stay in the stunt battle mania. Gameplay Features: •fully optimized futuristic environments with different weathers. •most realistic sound effects • variation of action packed stunts •extreme thrilling and stunning graphics • realistic car controllerwith variety of mobile controls including tilt/steering etc •implementation of multi languages localization e.g arabic,Chinese,dutch,English,french,Japanese and Portuguese etc • raceagainst time
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Be ready & prepare yourself for the counter shooting warmission in the modern free FPS action game. You are a royalefrontline brave strike commando & shooter who has uniqueabilities to be an American fire hunter for assassin of deadlycriminals enemies. In this sniper mission games of revenge shootfor survival in free to Egyptian environment. This shoot assassin2017 is a critical counter sniper team with shooting firepower insimulation game to accomplish commando missions. It is all aboutbeing the best last night incredible sniper hero who has to defeatby shooting every vice terrorist, gangster, mafia lords &critique enemies in survivor royale cold war. You have beenselected to be secret agent elite mission from pacific army unit ashero killer assigner warrior to complete a special adversary fullcombat shoot strike mission to attack with your elite sniper,assault rifles & modern gun weapons in this terrorist attack 3d. As a stealth force commando & sniping warrior shooter youneed a wars brave strategy to battle with the gangster strike,terrorist attackers & other critiques criminal terroristenemies. This is a kale anti hero counter critical terrorist firstperson shooting army rescue mission free to play game so be adeadly commando fighter by counter shooting strike on terrorist& war criminals to defend your city from gorilla counterattacks in survival war of battle of lands . It’s time to be aspecial warrior of survival royale in this eventful anti-terroristgames of frontline sniper war since a lot of terror in counterblaze of terrorist gun shooting that will occur to protect &secure yourself in critical battle of combat arena fps game.Playthis dungeon battle royale relished pacific Survival fort war night3D shooting combat. Get ready to play Pacific Frontline CounterFury: Shooting Strike mission 2018. Relish the fort in this actionbursting shooting environment as a spot hero of your army squad warfield shooter binh unknowns battlegrounds mobile in pacificwarfare. You will attain the all initiative modern controls &weaponry to win the pacific trek wars. Pick your guns & shootthe evil adversary from this Pacific war survival mission tosurvive the night in siege titan wars. Set in this best boxyshooting frontier heroes gameplay as a brave heart survivor navyarmy commando counter 2018. Take all the guns from enemies like toysoldiers as a green hero and find out the treasure boxes &survival war prisoner. You will acquire the modern weaponry likeSMG, AK47, M4, and many others. Waiting for what? Play &Download this action packed shooting game for the hell fun! How toPlay: Exercise all initiative controls to win this task.  Useyour brain to find out the treasure boxes. Practice your guns &weapons to defeat enemy easily. Use your vigilant mind & heroicskills to move further.Features:Wonderful 3Denvironment. Addictive Missions of shooting. Amusingsounds & tracks. Different levels to play.