Top 49 Apps Similar to WordPress – Website & Blog Builder

Wix 2.5724.0
Welcome to the all-new Wix mobile app. To get started, log intoyour Wix account, customize your site’s look on the app andstartinviting contacts so they can do all this on the go:StartDiscussions Share posts, photos and more and react toother’sposts. RSVP to Events Get updates, RSVP and buy tickets toevents.Read Your Blog Add comments, share and interact with yourlatestblog posts. Book Your Services Easily book and pay forclasses andappointments. Install the app and start inviting yourcontacts. Gotan invite? Download the Wix app for free to join in ajust coupleof taps.
Feedly - Smarter News Reader 57.0.1
Feedly Team
Your central place to organize, read, and share the informationyouneed to stay ahead of the next big trend in your industry.Everyday, millions of professionals and passionate learners useFeedlyon their phones and tablets to follow the blogs, magazines,andother sources that matter to them. With Feedly, you caneasilyorganize all your publications, blogs, YouTube channels, andmorein one place and consume and share more efficiently. No morezigzagging. All the content comes to you in one place, in a cleanandeasy-to-read format. People use Feedly to read blogs, learnnewtopics, and track keywords, brands and companies. Faster accesstolots of different sources of news and information means thatyoucan more easily keep up with important trends in your industryandbuild up expertise on the topics you really care about.BecauseFeedly is connect to more than 40 million feeds, you canreally godeep and find the niche content that is specific to yourwork orpassion - this is a big difference from alternatives thatfeel veryshallow and random in the content that is available. Fromtech tobusiness, design to marketing, media and beyond, Feedlyhelps youdiscover great feeds that you can organize in your feedlyand readin one place. Because it is powered by RSS, Feedly is anopensystem: you can add any RSS feed and read it wherever you go.Justenter the URL of that feed in the search bar or search for itbyname. Feedly offers useful integrations with Facebook,Twitter,Evernote, Buffer, OneNote, Pinterest, LinkedIn, IFTTT, andZapierso that you can easily share stories with your networksandteammates. We believe in speed and simplicity. We spent a lotoftime making sure Feedly is the best free reader available ontheAndroid phones and tablets. The app loads fast and offers asimpleand clean reading experience. The best way to start is tosearchfor a blog, magazine or newspaper you like to read and add ittoyour Feedly. If you are looking for inspiration, you can openthesearch panel and browse some of our popular topics. We helpyoudiscover the best blogs for tech, business, food,marketing,entrepreneurship, design, baking, photography and more.Our missionis to deliver in one place all the knowledge andinspiration youneed to keep ahead. Happy reading! [We [email protected] [email protected] if you need support or want to report abug]
Tumblr, Inc.
Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, andbondover the stuff you love. Whether it’s fandoms orphilosophy,fashion or felines, Tumblr is where your interestsconnect you withyour people. EXPRESS YOURSELF — Post photos, GIFs,text, videos,live videos, audio, anything. — Make your own GIFs.Cover them instickers and text, if you like. BE YOURSELF — Lookhowever youwant. Customize your Tumblr’s colors, fonts, layout,everything. —Follow whatever topics you’re interested in. Find newones youdidn’t even know existed. CONNECT WITH YOUR PEOPLE — Joinmillionsof people in millions of communities across millions of#tags. —See something you love? Reblog it to your Tumblr and startaconversation. — Start a private conversation with your friendsinmessaging. — Or just follow, if you’re feeling shy. No bigdeal.Live streaming of sporting events on Tumblr in the UnitedStatesfeatures Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software whichwillallow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’sTVRatings. Please see formoreinformation. US users may also visit Settings in the app to optoutof Nielsen measurement.
Muungwana Blog 1.1.5
Get All Latest News From Tanzania and All the WorldThroughMuungwana Blog. From breaking news, to business,entertainment,technology, the arts and sport, all divided intoclear sections,this free app lets you watch video reports, listento live radioand read the latest updates wherever you are. Habari,Matukio,Michezo, makala, Utamaduni, utali, Burudani, Siasa,Historia,Muziki, Wasanii, magazeti, redio, tv, Blogs.
Blogger 2.1.3
Google LLC
Download the latest release of the official Blogger app, andstartblogging on the go. With Blogger for Android you can:* Composeapost that you can save to draft or immediately publish*Editexisting posts* View list of your saved and published posts*Switchaccount/blog if you have more than one* Embed an image fromthegallery, or, by taking a picture directly from the app* Addlabelsto your posts* Add location informationWith the Blogger appforAndroid, you can quickly and easily publish posts to yourblogwherever you are.
Google AdSense 3.3
Google LLC
The Google AdSense app provides an easy way to view key datafromyour AdSense and AdMob accounts. It allows you to accessreportingfeatures anywhere, directly from your mobile device. Theappprovides you with an account overview, as well as accesstodetailed performance reports on all key metrics. Availablereportsinclude: top ad units, channels, sites, countries and more.Theaccount earnings report is also accessible via aresizablewidget.Please note: YouTube revenue is not available inthisapp.Permissions Notice • Contacts: Needed to access yourAdSenseaccount.
Tutorials for Wordpress Offline 1.0
Good Tutorial
Tutorials for Wordpress Offline is a complete applicationforthoseof you who want to learn Wordpress easily and for free.Therearedozens and even hundreds of Wordpress tutorials startingtobasefor beginners to advanced. All these tutorials you canreadofflinewithout the need to connect to the internet ormobiledata.Wait forwhat else, if you want to get a freeWordpresstutorial that youcan take it anywhere, immediately usethisapplication. Do notforget to give us feedback for betterWordpresstutorial app.
Dropbox, Inc.
Dropbox is a creative collaboration space designed toreducebusywork, bring your files together in one central place,andsafely sync them across all your devices—so you can accessthemanytime, anywhere. And sending large files is easy, even topeoplewho don’t have a Dropbox account. Features like the docscanner,shared folders, offline access, and more make collaboratingwithothers simple. Features: • Work on files with others throughsharedfolders • Use the document scanner to turn receipts,whiteboards,and notes into PDFs • Comment on files to sharefeedback with yourteam • Sync, share, and edit Word, Excel, andPowerPoint files Weoffer a free 30-day trial and in-app purchasesfor Dropbox Plus.Existing Dropbox Plus customers can also upgradeto DropboxProfessional. Dropbox Plus customers have 1TB of storageandDropbox Professional users have 2TB. The amount will be chargedtoyour Google Play account and will vary by plan and country.You’llsee the total price before completing payment. We'd love tohearfrom you! Join the Dropbox community: www.dropboxforum.comTerms ofService: PrivacyPolicy:
Weebly 5.14.0
Weebly, Inc.
Over 50M artists, makers and creative entrepreneurs around theworldhave already created a website or online store using Weebly.Enjoythe freedom to create, launch and grow your online businessorwebsite directly from your phone or tablet, wherever,whenever.Enjoy a simplified process of building your site with oureasy dragand drop builder. Tell your unique story and build yourbrand withWeebly. "Weebly's clear, usable interface, attractivethemes,strong commerce features, mobile capabilities, and siteportabilityearned it a PCMag Editors' Choice for modern sitebuilders." - PCMag “They have extended their reach into afull-service platformthat provides not only organization anddesign, but ecommerce, anew robust app center for third partyplugins, analytics, cloudhosting, and most recently, completely newmobile apps for siteediting on the go.” - Forbes Android Mobile andTablet Features:Create your online store: • Use the intuitivedrag-and-drop builderdesigned specifically for touchscreen • Addproducts to your siteusing images directly from your photo library• Customize your sitewith fully responsive online store themesoffered on Weebly desktopCreate your website: • Use the intuitivedrag-and-drop builderdesigned specifically for touchscreen • Uploadimages directly fromyour photo library, select from a wide range oftext, media anddesign elements • Customize your site with the samefree,responsive themes offered on Weebly desktop See all youractivityin one place • Monitor all of your site activity inreal-time fromthe Site Dashboard • See more detailed stats on sitetraffic, storeorders, form entries, and more from the Insights tabRun yourbusiness from anywhere • Build and manage your online storefromanywhere. • Process and fulfill orders, add products,checkinventory, and receive notifications when a new order isplacedCreate a blog and stay connected to your visitors • Publishyourthoughts with the blog post editor • Instantly respond toblogcomments and form entries, reply to customer inquiries andstayconnected to your followers from anywhere • Never travel farfromyour loyal readers, customers and fans Weebly's privacypolicy: Weebly's terms ofservice:
WPS Office - Word, Docs, PDF, Note, Slide & Sheet 11.4.4
Over 1.3 Billion Downloads Google Play Best of 2015 Alltemplatescan be downloaded for free in the latest version! WPSOffice is thesmallest size (less than 37MB) and all-in-one completefree officesuite on Android mobile and tablets, integrates alloffice wordprocessor functions: Word, PDF, Presentation,Spreadsheet , Memoand Docs Scanner in one application, and fullycompatible withMicrosoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Doc andAdobe PDF format.The aim of WPS Office is to provide you one-stopworking solutionsince 1989. Various of office tools and uniqueandintuitive UI design ensures you enjoy the best mobileofficeexperience. You could easy to do all office wordprocessingon-the-go on phone, tablet and other portable devices.WPS Officeallows you can create, view, edit and share office worddocumentsand homework as handy as you need while out of office,inclass,traveling, before bedtime or whenever and wherever youwant.【WPS Office Highlights Features】 All-in-one Complete FreeOfficeSuite App • Integrate with Memo, Document,Spreadsheet,Presentation and PDF • High compatibility withMicrosoft Office(Word, PowerPoint, Excel ), Google Docs, GoogleSheets, GoogleSlides, Adobe PDF and OpenOffice. Free PDF Converter,PDF Readerand PDF Editor • Convert all office docs ( word, text,excel,PowerPoint,doc ) to PDFs • Scan paper docs to PDFs/imagesusingmobile camera • Support PDFs viewing, Add bookmarks andAnnotationsViewing • Support PDF Signature,PDF Extract/Split, PDFMerge, PDFto Word Make Presentations on-the-go • Dozens of newPresentationlayouts, animation and transition effects • Makepresentationsusing WIFI, NFC, DLNA and Miracast • Touch controlledlaserpointer, Ink feature lets you draw on slides while inpresentationmode Easy to Use and Powerful Spreadsheets • Completepredefinedformulas makes you do basic data and digital operationmoreconveniently Connect to Cloud Drive • Automatically saveofficedocuments to the clouds: Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, EvernoteandOneDrive. Keep your all documents always up-to-date viacloudservice. • Easily access and edit office documents directlyfromany devices Easy to Share/Transfer Documents • Easy to shareofficedocuments via WIFI, NFC, DLNA, Email, Instant Messaging,Whatsapp,Telegram, Facebook and Twitter Fully supports Multi-windowmode •Allows you easy to deal with different tasks at the sametimeUnique and Intuitive Mobile Office Experience • SpecialNightMode and Mobile View mode for Documents viewingandPDFs reading Supports 51 languages and All Office FileFormats• File Formats: doc, docx, wpt,dotm,docm, dot, dotx / xls,xlsx,xlt, xltx, csv, xml , et, ett / PDF / ppt, pot, dps, dpt,pptx,potx, ppsx / txt / log, lrc, c, cpp, h, asm, s, java, asp,bat,bas, prg, cmd, Zip Various of Value-added in-app Products•Exclusive authorized Fonts Package and Presentation Templates;•Convert texts to fine images;  and more services forWPSOffice members is coming soon. Join us now! 【Editors’Reviews】CNET: ”An all-in-one office app with speedyperformance” “oneof the best mobile office suites” USA Today: “BestApps for MobilePhones and Tablets” Gizmodo: "Essential app foryour newAndroid phone or tablet” ”There may well be better Officeapps outthere, but this is one of the best free ones.”EconomicTimes: “one of the best free document viewer andediting appsavailable” Some permissions may be required: -BillingAuthorization: We provide a variety of added-value servicesfor ourpremium members. - Position Permission: We are preparingadditionalservices (such as weather information) and features. Theywill beavailable to designated users based on location.【SupportPage】
Microsoft Word
The trusted Word app lets you create, edit, view, and shareyourfiles with others quickly and easily. It also lets you viewandedit Office docs attached to emails. With Word, your Officemoveswith you. Whether you are a blogger, writer, journalist,columnist,student, or a project manager working on documentation,it's ashandy as you want it to be. Word introduces a PDF reader andmakesreading a PDF easier. Read your PDFs and e-books whiletraveling,before bedtime, or wherever you want. Make impactfultextdocuments, scripts, blogs, write-ups, or resumes. Customizeyourdocument, letter, resume, or notes your way with robust toolsthatenable you to accomplish your best writing with the bestformatoptions. Create with confidence Jump-start yourproject,assignments, letter, blog, script, notes, write-ups, orresume withbeautifully designed modern templates. Use richformatting andlayout options to note down your ideas and expressthem in writing.Document format and layout stays pristine and looksgreat, nomatter what device you use. Read, write, and editcomfortablyReading view lets you read long docs, PDFs, letters,scripts, andmore on your device with ease. Edit your PDF byconverting it intoa Word document to easily make changes. Convertyour doc into PDFafter editing and share your PDF file with a fewtaps. Collaboratewith anyone, anywhere Share thoughts by commentingin your docright next to the text you're discussing. Everyone canadd to theconversation and stay on top of changes to the text,layout, andformatting. As you and your team make changes, you canrevert toview earlier drafts with improved version history in Word.Sharingis simplified Share your PDFs and document files with a fewtaps toquickly invite others to edit or view your documents. Easilymanagepermissions and see who is working in a document. Copy thecontentof your Word files directly into the body of an emailmessage withits format intact or attach your PDFs and docs to anemail and makesharing easier. REQUIREMENTS � OS version: runningany of thesupported versions of Android and have an ARM-based orIntel x86processor. Support for Kitkat & Lollipop devices willcontinuetill June 2019 � 1 GB RAM or above To create or editdocuments,sign in with a free Microsoft account on devices with ascreen sizeof 10.1 inches or smaller. Unlock the full MicrosoftOfficeexperience with a qualifying Office 365 subscription(see for your phone, tablet,PC,and Mac. Office 365 subscriptions purchased from the app willbecharged to your Play Store account and will automaticallyrenewwithin 24 hours prior to the end of the currentsubscriptionperiod, unless auto-renewal is disabled beforehand. Youcan manageyour subscriptions in your Play Store account settings.Asubscription cannot be cancelled during the activesubscriptionperiod. This app is provided by either Microsoft or athird-partyapp publisher and is subject to a separate privacystatement andterms and conditions. Data provided through the use ofthis storeand this app may be accessible to Microsoft or thethird-party apppublisher, as applicable, and transferred to,stored, and processedin the United States or any other countrywhere Microsoft or theapp publisher and their affiliates or serviceproviders maintainfacilities. Please refer to Microsoft's EULA forTerms of Servicefor Office on Android. By installing the app, youagree to theseterms and conditions:
Backlog: Project Management & Collaboration App 2.8.0
Nulab Inc
Backlog is a project management and collaboration tool forteamsthat want higher productivity, greater visibility, andsimpleproject tracking. Development teams can work together withDesign,Marketing, IT, and more to release high-quality projects,faster.With the Backlog Android App, you can update yourprojectson-the-go. Leave immediate feedback on comment threads andadd oredit issues right from your device. Reach your business goalswithfeatures that help you: - Get everyone on track. Organize yourworkand teammates with projects and tasks. - Stay in the loop.YourActivity feed and Watchlist help you keep an eye on relevantworkand deadlines. - Keep the conversation moving. Use commentthreadsto leave feedback and ask questions right in tasks asyou’reworking on them. Mobile features: - Projects: Organizeeveryone’swork into projects for better visibility and tracking -Issues:Create, assign, prioritize, and schedule tasks with yourteam -Subtasking: Keep related tasks grouped to stay more organized-Watchlist: Add important tasks to your personalized Watchlist-Comment threads: Keep a record of all discussions, changes,anddecisions within tasks as they’re being worked on - Wikis:Createcollaboratively edited web pages to refer to again and againforcommon questions and instructions - Bug Tracking: Easy issueandbug tracking to keep your projects running smoothly Do even moreondesktop with: - Gantt Charts: Automatically generated andupdatedGantt charts help you track work as it’s being completedagainstyour project plan - Burndown Charts: Easily visualize howyourproject is progressing without having read every issue -Versioncontrol: No installation required, Backlog provides GitandSubversion repositories as well as a Web-based repositorybrowser -File sharing: Store important docs and files right in thetask orproject you need them
Twitter, Inc.
From breaking news and entertainment to sports, politics,andeveryday interests, when it happens in the world, it happensonTwitter first. See all sides of the story. Join theconversation.Watch live streaming events. Twitter is what’shappening in theworld and what people are talking about right now.More highlights:- Watch premium and exclusive live streams directlyfrom yourmobile device. No account required. - Go Live with a tapor sitback and watch events unfold from around the world. Timeline-Discover what your favorite sports, news, politics,andentertainment thought leaders are talking about -Experiencedynamic media — like photos, videos, and GIFs - Retweet,share,like, or reply to Tweets in your timeline - Write a Tweet toletthe world know what’s happening with you Explore - See whattopicsand hashtags are trending now - Discover Moments, curatedstoriesshowcasing the very best of today’s biggest events - Getcaught upon news headlines and videos - Relive the latest sportshighlights- Be in the know about pop culture and entertainment -See what funstories are going viral Notifications - Find out whostartedfollowing you - Discover which of your Tweets were likedorRetweeted - Respond to replies or be alerted to Tweets youwerementioned in Messages - Chat privately with friends andfollowers -Share Tweets and other media - Create a groupconversation withanyone who follows you Profile - Customize yourprofile with aphoto, description, location, and background photo -Look back atyour Tweets, Retweets, replies, media, and likesConnect - Getsuggestions on influential people to follow - Syncyour contacts tofind friends currently on Twitter or invite more
Google Docs
Google LLC
Create, edit and collaborate with others on documents fromyourAndroid phone or tablet with the Google Docs app. With Docsyoucan: - Create new documents or edit existing files -Sharedocuments and collaborate in the same document at the sametime. -Work anywhere, anytime - even offline - Add and respondtocomments. - Never worry about losing your work – everythingissaved automatically as you type. - Research, right in DocswithExplore - Open, edit and save Word documents. PermissionsNoticeContacts: This is used to give suggestions of people to addtofiles and share with. Storage: This is used to save and openfileson USB or SD storage.
WP Beginner - Beginner's Guide For WordPress 4.0
Towfeeq Ahmed
WPBeginner is the largest WordPress resource AppforWordPressBeginners with easy to understand WordPress tutorialsformasteringthe basics and beyond.
Polaris Office - Word, Docs, Sheets, Slide, PDF 7.3.45
Already 80 Million Users Across The World, Get the LatestAndroidOffice App For Free. Experience New All-in-One CompleteOfficeSuite compatible with MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and AdobePDF."Editors' Choice", "2015 Best App", and "Top Developer"awardedbyGoogle Play. ■ Features ■ • Supported File Formats : DOC,DOCX,XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSX, TXT, HWP, ODT and PDF.•Supporting 18 global languages including English, French,Arabic,Japanese, Russian, German, Italian, Spanish, etc • PolarisDrive isa default cloud but also available other cloud service suchasGoogle Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive. Compact - Only 60 MBSize.Just one application enough for all different type ofdocuments. •You can open, edit and save all type of office filessuch as word,excel and powerpoint by one android office appinstalled. •Experience your first mobile presentation in slide withpen andpointer features. Compatible - Fully Compatible withMicrosoftOffice, PDF Reader & Converter. • Open all fileformats such asMicrosoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Spreadsheet,Microsoft PowerPoint,Slide, and Google Docs. • View PDFs right fromyour Android phoneand save as PDF files from other type ofdocuments. Creative -Improve your skill, enhance your creativitywith handwriting input.• Draw and edit your idea with your ownhands. Let you write onscreen as though you were writing on actualpaper. • Directly, takepictures from camera to documents or insertvideo clips from yourAndroid phone. Connect - Quick and Easy Accessfor Anytime,Anywhere and Any device. • Across all devices likeDesktop, Tabletand Android phone, Keep your all documents alwaysup-to-date insync via Polaris Drive or other cloud service. •Powerful searchfunction will save your time to expand your searchterms not justfilename. Collaborate - Writing notes directly withyour hands thensharing your idea easily. • Just simply sharing thelink ofdocuments with our cloud storage via SMS, email, Facebookand otherchannels. • Leave your comments right away even PDF filesandinvite your colleagues to in-app communication to discussrevisionbefore printing it out. [Payment plan andauto-subscription] •Polaris Office is free all-in-one office suitebut some featurescan be limited by your cloud usage or yoursubscription option.Generally, you can use more features withreasonable price, pleasecheck details on• You can upgrade to theSmart Plan ($3.99/month & $39.99/year)or the Pro Plan($5.99/month & $59.99/year) to take theadvantage of even morepremium functions. (The price is based on USdollar. The actualprice may differ depending on currency of eachcountries.) • Youcan remove advertisement by purchasing Remove Adfor $2.99. •Recurring payments and plan subscriptions areautomaticallyprocessed. Your subscription will automatically renew.• If youwould like to stop your subscription, please cancelyoursubscription any time within 24 hours before the next renewaldate.Subscription cancellation is available within the Google PlayStoreapp details page or Google Wallet.([Informationabout permission] • WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Thispermission isneeded when reading a document saved in Android SDcard. •READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : This permission is needed whenediting adocument saved in Android SD card or moving a document inotherstorage to SD card. • GET_ACCOUNTS :This permission is neededwhenregistering Polaris Office more easily and quickly ifvariousaccounts are connected in Android device. [Note] • OfficialSite • YouTube :•Support : [Application] - [Settings] - [Customer Support]or[Official Site] – [Support] • Privacy &
Adobe Acrobat Reader
Adobe Acrobat Reader is the free global standard forreliablyviewing, signing, and commenting on PDF documents. VIEWPDFs •Quickly open and view PDF documents. • Search, scroll, andzoom inand out. • Choose Single Page or Continuous scroll mode.ANNOTATEPDFs • Make comments on PDFs using sticky notes and drawingtools.• Highlight and mark up text with annotation tools. • Viewandrespond to annotations in the comments list. WORK WITH OTHERSANDSHARE PDFs • Quickly access documents shared for viewing,review,or signature. • Collaborate with others by adding yourcomments toPDFs sent to you for review. • Receive activitynotifications forfiles you’ve shared for viewing and review. •Track pending actionsfor documents shared with you. • Easily sharePDFs with others bycreating links you can send by email. WORK WITHSCANNED DOCUMENTS •Easily access scanned PDFs that you’ve capturedusing the freeAdobe Scan app. • Open your scans in Acrobat Readerto fill in,sign, review, and share. FILL AND SIGN FORMS • Quicklyfill out PDFforms by typing text into fields. • Use your finger orstylus toe-sign any PDF document. STORE AND PRINT FILES • Sign into yourfree Adobe Document Cloud account to store and access filesacrossdevices. • Connect to your Dropbox account and access otherstorageproviders including Google Drive. • Print documents fromyourdevice. IN-APP PURCHASE For even more PDF power, subscribe toAdobeAcrobat Pro DC, Adobe PDF Pack, or Adobe Export PDF.Subscriptionswork across desktop, web, and mobile. ACROBAT PRO DC •Organize andedit (tablet only) PDFs. • Create PDF files fromdocuments orimages. • Export PDFs to Microsoft Word, Excel, orPowerPoint. •Combine files into one PDF. • Send documents to othersfor review.ADOBE PDF PACK • Create PDF files from documents orimages. •Export PDFs to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint or RTF. •Organizeand combine files. • Send documents to others for review.EXPORTPDF • Export PDFs to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, orRTF.Terms & Conditions: Your use of this application isgoverned bythe Adobe General Terms ofUse( and the Adobe PrivacyPolicy(
LinkedIn: Jobs, professional profile, & networking 4.1.274
Job search smarter with the LinkedIn app. Give your job searchaboost by using our enhanced job search to filter throughthemillions of job openings to find the right ones for you. Createjobsearch alerts, ask for referrals from your network, and applywithyour resume or professional profile in just a few taps.Notactively looking for a job? Use LinkedIn to build and keep intouchwith your professional network and discover the latestindustrynews & opportunities. LinkedIn makes businessnetworking easy -connect with companies, industry experts and theLinkedIncommunity, wherever you are. 5 reasons you’ll love theLinkedInapp: - Professional profile: Create your own profile&highlight your skillset - Job search & recruiting: Findjobssuited to you and apply with your resume via the app -Industrynews: Share articles or write your own posts -Careeropportunities: See if companies you’re interested in arerecruiting- LinkedIn community: Follow the activities of yourconnectionsApply for your dream job, share your knowledge or getthe latestindustry news. LinkedIn offers you the easiest way toconnect withrecruiting contacts, professionals and companies.PROFESSIONALPROFILE • Use your LinkedIn profile as a virtual resumetohighlight your experience • Professional profile: shareyouraccomplishments, job responsibilities and skills JOB SEARCH&CAREER • Find jobs & apply using your LinkedIn resume •Connectwith recruiting managers & find new contacts CONTACTS&COMMUNITY • Join groups and trusted communities that shareandsupport your goals • Import your contacts for a quick and easywayto grow your network INDUSTRY NEWS • Share articles withtheLinkedIn community and your business contacts • Write yourownposts & share them with your network BUSINESS NETWORKING•Follow companies, influencers and professionals to seeupdates& activities • Business networking on the go; get newcontactsand easily find industry experts BUILD YOUR BRAND •Leverage youremployees to build the talent brand of your company •Showcase yourcompany or product with a great marketing opportunityWithprofessionals, industry experts and job search tools andcareeropportunities at your fingertips, the LinkedIn app offers agreatway to network, apply to jobs and find new contacts - straightfromyour phone, wherever you are. Want to make the most ofLinkedIn?Upgrade to a Premium subscription for exclusive tools. Weask for afew permissions when you use this app. Here’swhy:
Facebook Pages Manager
Manage your Facebook Page, right from your phone. With thePagesManager app you can stay informed and respond tocustomersimmediately. Mobile posting: post updates and manage yourPagewithout using a computer. Messages: read and reply to messagesthatyour customers send to your Page. Facebook and Instagram: linkyouraccounts to manage Facebook messages, comments on your postsandInstagram comments in one inbox. Push notifications: getalertsabout important activity, and see all of your Pagenotifications inone place. Insights: track promotions, stats andactivity on yourPage so you can build your business. Anyone whomanages a FacebookPage can download and use this app for free.
Microsoft OneNote 16.0.11231.20138
CREATE YOUR WAY Type, hand write, draw and clip things from thewebto get your thoughts down into your notebook. UseOneNote’sflexible canvas to place content anywhere you want. Youcan evenscan hand written notes or pages straight into OneNote thenmakethem searchable. GET ORGANISED OneNote is set up like anotebook tobring the familiar physical 3-ring binder to the digitalera.Easily use sections and pages to separate thoughts by themeatschool, home or work. You can use tags to label to-do lists,followup items, mark what’s important or make custom labels. UseOneNoteas a notebook, journal or a notepad. Organise in one place,fromanywhere. COLLABORATE WITH ANYONE OneNote syncs your notesacrossall devices and lets multiple people work on the contenttogether,at the same time. ACCOMPLISH MORE AT WORK OneNote is greaton yourown or when you share with a team. Use it as a notepad forteammeetings, brainstorming projects, draw attention toimportantpoints or organise key resources to never lose track ofwhat youneed. Work together in real time to stay in sync and on thesamepage. OneNote is available across your favourite devices, nomatterwhat device your team likes to use – Android, Apple orWindowsACHIEVE MORE IN SCHOOL OneNote is great for school forbothstudents and teachers. Take your notes during class withease,mixing in text, ink and web clippings. Use OneNote to organiseyourbrainstorms, draw mind maps and develop your ideas for yournextschool assignment. As a teacher, plan your lessons and have alltheinformation you need in your pocket and on the go. BETTERTOGETHERWITH OFFICE OneNote is part of the Office family and worksgreatwith your favourite apps, such as Excel or Word, to help youdomore. NOTES AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT Use the OneNote badge asanotepad to list your thoughts down regardless of whensomethingcrosses your mind. The badge hovers on screen and lets youquicklywrite your thoughts down during a phone call, while on theweb orwherever else your mind takes you. You can find answerstofrequently asked questions about OneNote for Androidat Requirements: • Requires AndroidOS4.1 or later. • A free Microsoft account is required touseOneNote. • OneNote opens existing notebooks created inMicrosoftOneNote 2010 format or later. • To sync your notes toOneDrive forBusiness, sign in with your organisation’s Office 365or SharePointaccount. This app is provided either by Microsoft or athird-partyapp publisher and is subject to a separate privacystatement andterms and conditions. Data provided through the use ofthis storeand this app may be accessible to Microsoft or thethird-party apppublisher, as applicable, and transferred to, storedand processedin the United States or any other country whereMicrosoft or theapp publisher and their affiliates or serviceproviders maintainfacilities. Please refer to Microsoft’s End UserLicense Agreement(EULA) for Terms of Service for OneNote onAndroid. By installingthe app, you agree to these terms andconditions:’sprivacy statement is availableat
Jimdo Creator 2018.10.09-da567ff3
Jimdo GmbH
Build your own website with the Jimdo website builder forAndroid!With the Jimdo Creator app you can create a free website,blog, orstore—no coding or technical skills required. Just use theapp toedit your website anywhere and from any device: mobile,tablet, ordesktop. More than 20 million websites have already beencreatedwith Jimdo’s do-it-yourself website builder. Just sign upandcreate a new website directly from the app. This is the fastestandeasiest way to get your new site online: select a template,enter aweb address, add texts and images—done! All Jimdo websitesareoptimized for mobile devices and look great on a desktop aswell.Jimdo Creator app features include: editing store orders,searchengine optimization, adding a contact form and more. WithJimdoCreator for Android, you can: Edit your site structure: Edityoursite’s navigation and create new pages. You can also hide,rename,rearrange, and delete pages within the app. Add content foryourwebsite: Create a gallery, add text, call-to-action buttons,orvideos. Take a photo with your smartphone or tablet and uploaditdirectly on your website. Insert individual photos or createagallery with multiple images. Then edit and crop images directlyinthe Jimdo Creator app. Check the statistics of your website: AsaJimdoPro or JimdoBusiness customer, you can see the mostimportantstatistics for your website directly from your Androiddevice—likevisitors, page views, and more. Experience a responsivedesign onevery device: The design of your Jimdo website isresponsive andautomatically optimized for smartphones, tablets, anddesktops.Create, edit, and publish blog posts: Write and publishblog postsby creating text, photos, or galleries on your mobiledevice ortablet. Add categories to your posts, choose which poststo displayon different parts of your website, then share them.Manage yourstore: View the list of orders and order archives. Markorders aspaid / delivered, add notes, and keep up-to-date with newordersvia push notifications. We are constantly updating ourJimdoCreator app and will regularly add new features. We lookforward toyour website! Feedback: Do you have any ideas orsuggestions toimprove our app? Feel free to write us an [email protected] Thank you for your support!Stayinformed: The Jimdo blog gives you all the news and tips onyourwebsite: General Terms ofBusiness: PrivacyPolicy:
Writer Plus (Write On the Go) 1.48
Easy4U Ltd.
Writer Plus is a handy writer app allowing creative writers tojotdown quick points.Writer Plus is the enhanced version ofJamesMcMinnin's Writer which is a writing application without thefussand distraction of a traditional word processor. Writer Plusisperfect for writing notes, novel, lyrics, poems, essay, draftonyour phone or tablet.Writer Plus' philosophy is Keep itSimple.Writer Plus tries to be as basic as possible, giving yousomewhereto turn your thoughts into text, markdown support. Nothingmore.Nothing less.Try Writer Plus with features:☆ Open, Edit, Saveplaintext file ☆ Folder support☆ Keyboard shortcuts☆ Markdownformat☆Word and Character Count☆ Undo & Redo☆ Share☆ NightMode☆Android Material UI style☆ Right to left support☆ RobustandStable, High performance☆ Battery friendly, Limited systemresourceusage☆ Absolutely FREE! Great support!Writer PlussupportsBluetooth Keyboard and some edit shortcuts:☆ ctrl + a :select all☆ctrl + c : copy☆ ctrl + v : paste☆ ctrl + x : cut☆ ctrl+ z : undo☆ctrl + y : redo☆ ctrl + s : save☆ ctrl + f :shareSupportedLanguages:- English- Chinese- German- Italian-French- Russian-Spanish- Portuguese- PolishNote: Writer Plus storesfiles in the/Writer/ of the external card (On most devices it meansSD card,others means a partition of the main flash.). You canuseWriterSync( the folder with your Google Drive. !!! Junk Clean functioninPowerClean will delete files in /Writer directory, please useitcarefully!!! Markdown is a lightweight markup language withplaintext formatting syntax. Writer Plus supports:- H1, H2, H3-Italic& Bold- List & Numbered List- QuoteRegardingMarkdownformat, please refer to know if you have anysuggestion- Google PlusCommunity: Email:[email protected]
Website Builder for Android 1.4.07
Presenting your business or hobbies on the internet is easierthanyou think. With SimDif you can - create - and maintain - yourownprofessional website also from your Android device. Buildyourpresentation site quickly and effectively. SimDif was designedtolet you focus on your area of expertise. No technical orpriorknowledge of building websites is necessary. You can getstraightdown to telling your story and organizing your content. : :: TheSimple Difference : : : • Our intuitively designed App allowsyouto switch seamlessly between your Android tablet, iOS deviceandyour computer(s) to work on your site. • SimpleDifferentwebsiteshave Free Hosting, No Ads, and No code to learn. • The Appis alsoa coach, with built-in tips and guides to help you write foryourreaders and search engines. • If you get stuck, we have fastandhelpful support to answer all your questions. : : : Features : ::STARTER SITES ARE FREE - Make websites of up to 7 Pages,withoptions for galleries, links, journal pages, a contact form,andregular web pages. - Add photos, Flickr Images, YouTubevideos,Facebook and Twitter like buttons, Google Maps … - Simplypublishyour site regularly to keep it online for free. PRO SITES -Up to30 Pages - And no need to re-publish your site. -ThemeDesigner -Create your own themes with our unique themedesigner. - GoogleAnalytics - Statistics about your visitors. -Integrate Paypal -The popular online payment solution. -Multi-language sites -Translate your site and get the first year ofyour translated prosite free. - Use your own domain - for example,,with your SimpleDifferent site.
Keeping up with friends is faster and easier than ever.Shareupdates and photos, engage with friends and Pages, andstayconnected to communities important to you. Features on theFacebookapp include: * Connect with friends and family and meet newpeopleon your social media network * Set status updates &useFacebook emoji to help relay what’s going on in your world *Sharephotos, videos, and your favorite memories. * Getnotificationswhen friends like and comment on your posts * Findlocal socialevents, and make plans to meet up with friends * Playgames withany of your Facebook friends * Backup photos by savingthem inalbums * Follow your favorite artists, websites, andcompanies toget their latest news * Look up local businesses to seereviews,operation hours, and pictures * Buy and sell locally onFacebookMarketplace * Watch live videos on the go The Facebook appdoesmore than help you stay connected with your friends andinterests.It's also your personal organizer for storing, saving andsharingphotos. It's easy to share photos straight from yourAndroidcamera, and you have full control over your photos andprivacysettings. You can choose when to keep individual photosprivate oreven set up a secret photo album to control who sees it.Facebookalso helps you keep up with the latest news and currenteventsaround the world. Subscribe to your favorite celebrities,brands,news sources, artists, or sports teams to follow theirnewsfeeds,watch live streaming videos and be caught up on thelatesthappenings no matter where you are! The most importantdesktopfeatures of Facebook are also available on the app, such aswritingon timelines, liking photos, browsing for people, andediting yourprofile and groups. Now you can get early access to thenextversion of Facebook for Android by becoming a beta tester.Learnhow to sign up, give feedback and leave the program in ourHelpCenter: Sign up directlyhere: or installing the app? See need help? Please tell us more aboutthe issue. Facebook is only availablefor usersage 13 and over. Terms of Service:
Kurasa: Tanzania news | habari | sports | blogs 1.2.6
Kurasa Tanzania, brings you latest news, online newspapers,music,videos, jobs, fashion and more from blogs & websites.Exploretopics like, business, politics, sports, events, foodrecipes &more.FEATURES:★ Automatic updates & notifications★Search toadd more rss feeds/blogs/sites• Swipe left/right tonavigate•Podcast: audio & video downloads• Share articles viasocialmedia• Enjoy breaking news & Tanzania online newspapers•Watchbest video news/tv from Tanzanian YouTube channels•Browse/searchfor more topics like music, songs, fashion,technology, blogs,comedy, jobs, celebrity gossip & more
Postal Blog 4.0
Download Postal Blog app for Latest daily news about centralgovtemployees. Mutual transfer request,Whatsapp Group request andmanymore useful links available #postoffice #IPPB#Indiapost#PostalBlog #Savingbank #Postman #PostalAssistant#BhartiyaDak
Ghost - Professional Blogging 1.2.1
Ghost ( is a simple, powerful bloggingplatformthat allows you to share your stories with the world. OurnativeAndroid app is simple, beautiful, and fast, with fullofflinesupport. That means you can write, edit and publish blogposts onthe go, in the subway, or on a flight - with nofrustrations! Thenall you need to do is sync it later when you havean Internetconnection. HIGHLIGHTS • Simple, intuitive interfacebased onMaterial Design • Markdown editing with preview - swipe toswitchbetween editing and previewing • Native image upload fromyourphone or a web link • Offline mode - the app designed to work100%offline -- just sync when you're connected later! Idealfortravellers and journalists. • 100% Markdown compatibilitywithGhost - insert images, footnotes and code blocks like you'reusedto • Attach tags and a cover image • Works with GhostPro( blogs as well as self-hosted blogs • Conflicthandling -when a blog post is edited simultaneously from the appandelsewhere (e.g., via Ghost web), we will detect the conflictandshow you a nice UI to decide what to do - so you never loseyourhard work! This app has been translated to severallanguages:Bengali, Croatian, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian,Indonesian,Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese(Brazil),Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Turkish. If you'd like toseesupport for your language, contribute [email protected]:// .
Google LLC
Google+ for consumers is shutting down April 2, 2019. Learnmore: If you’re a GSuitecustomer, Google+ for your G Suite account should remainactive.Contact your G Suite administrator for moredetails: You can alsoexpect anew look and new features soon. Learnmore: may automatically update when new features are released ormayrequire an update from the Play Store.
JotterPad - Writer, Screenplay, Novel 12.9.0-pi
Designed for creative writers, JotterPad is a plain texteditorwithout the fuss and distraction of a word processor. It isperfectfor writing books, novels, lyrics, poems, essays, draftsandscreenplays. The clean typing interface allows you to focusonshaping your thoughts into text. Dive into your work withouthavingany distractions and write to your hearts’ content.Writer'sessentials JotterPad comes with a feature-packed texteditor thatno writers should live without. Some of our favouritesinclude darktheme, phrase search, Markdown, extended keyboard, wordcount,typewriter scrolling, snapshots (version control) and manymore.Markdown now supports table, bulleted list and check list.Unleashyour creativity With a collection of beautiful typefacesandcustomisable typography, you can create your own personalwritingspace to help your creativity to flow and stay engaged inwriting.Write and edit your work in Cloud Connect to all yourfavouritecloud services (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive) andcontinuewriting anywhere even when offline. JotterPad syncs yourwork whenyou are online with its powerful synchronisation. You canalso linkto unlimited cloud services with Cloud+! Research atyourfingertips The built-in dictionary helps you to search forwordsdefinition quickly and accurately. Find new ways toexpresscommonly used phrases and be inspired by new words withourthesaurus and rhyming dictionary. Publish your work Printyourwritings to PDF and share them on-the-go at yourconvenience.Export your work to popular formats such as .docx and.rtf andcontinue to edit them on those platforms.Distraction-freescreenwriting Do what you do best, write. JotterPadhandles therest by turning your Fountain script into aprofessionalscreenplay, ready to be exported as Final Draft .fdxand PDF.Discover more screenwriting tools available in JotterPadPro.Please note that you will need to upgrade to the Creativeversion,Pro and/or Cloud+ to enjoy the full potential of the app.ContactSupport: At this time, we can only respond to emails sentinEnglish. Permissions READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Access textfilesWRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Create and save text files
Start Blogging And Earn Money 8.0
MR Apps Dev
Create Blog and earn money from home.This apps Step By StepTutorialhow to earn money from online blogging. How to earningmoney online?-Very easy way to create blog and earn money. Fulloffline tutorialincluded. Blogging tutorial easy to use. How toStart Earning withyour Blog Now… There are several steps to bedone, and a littlesacrifice along the way, but all these wouldhelp you become thenext big thing on the Internet. It’s about timeyou learned how tostart a blog and make money! Some Advantage ofBlogging tutorialsand earn money online: -Very easy way to learn-After few days youcan earn money from blogging. -Very EffectiveTutorial forbeginners. -Other Benefits included this apps. Somelesson: 1. WhyShould You Blog? 2. What Should I Blog About? 3. HowTo Create YourBlog 4. How To Make Money With Affiliate Income 5.How To Make MoneyWith eBooks 6. How To Make Money by Freelancing,Staff Writing, andAdvertising 7. Why You MUST Build An Email List– And How To GetStarted 8. How To Write Great Content That GetsShared 9. How ToGrow Your Blog And Get More Readers 10. TheResources I Use For MyBusiness 11. How To Become Irresistible AndGrow Your Following12.How to Make Money with Your Blog ? 13.TheBest Way to Make MoneyBlogging 2018. 14.How Do You Make MoneyBlogging? While there is no100% guarantee that you will be able toearn a full-time living byblogging, I know many bloggers who areand are very happy with it.Note: Some content collect from site.If any complain or suggestionjust mail us. Mail :[email protected]
Blogger 2.2
Ercan Duman
This is a free android application for Blogers. You can post onyourblog, review or edit posts with this app. * You can managemultipleaccounts and blogs. * read your blog posts. * add labelsto yourarticles. * In addition, - Very SECURE app! - No spams! -freeapplication and will remain free Download now!. Enjoy yourbloging!
Google Chrome: Fast & Secure
Google LLC
Google Chrome is a fast, easy to use, and secure webbrowser.Designed for Android, Chrome brings you personalized newsarticles,quick links to your favorite sites, downloads, and GoogleSearchand Google Translate built-in. Download now to enjoy thesameChrome web browser experience you love across all yourdevices.Browse fast and type less. Choose from personalized searchresultsthat instantly appear as you type and quickly browsepreviouslyvisited web pages. Fill in forms quickly with Autofill.IncognitoBrowsing. Use Incognito mode to browse the internetwithout savingyour history. Browse privately across all yourdevices. Sync ChromeAcross Devices. When you sign into Chrome, yourbookmarks,passwords, and settings will be automatically syncedacross allyour devices. You can seamlessly access all yourinformation fromyour phone, tablet, or laptop. All your favoritecontent, one tapaway. Chrome is not just fast for Google Search,but designed soyou are one tap away from all your favorite content.You can tap onyour favorite news sites or social media directlyfrom the new tabpage. Chrome also has the “Tap to Search”- featureon mostwebpages. You can tap on any word or phrase to start aGooglesearch while still in the page you are enjoying. Protect yourphonewith Google Safe Browsing. Chrome has Google SafeBrowsingbuilt-in. It keeps your phone safe by showing warnings toyou whenyou attempt to navigate to dangerous sites or downloaddangerousfiles. Fast downloads and view web pages and videosoffline Chromehas a dedicated download button, so you can easilydownload videos,pictures, and entire webpages with just one tap.Chrome also hasdownloads home right inside Chrome, where you canaccess all thecontent you downloaded, even when you are offline.Google VoiceSearch. Chrome gives you an actual web browser you cantalk to. Useyour voice to find answers on-the-go without typing andgo handsfree. You can browse and navigate quicker using yourvoiceanywhere, anytime. Google Translate built-in: Quicklytranslateentire web pages. Chrome has Google Translate built in tohelp youto translate entire web to your own language with one tap.SaveMobile Data. Turn on Chrome’s Data Saver to browse and navigatetheweb while using less data. Save up to 60% of data asChromecompresses text, images, videos and websites without loweringthequality. Smart personalized recommendations. Chrome createsanexperience that is tailored to your interests. On the new tabpage,you will find articles that Chrome selected based on yourpreviousbrowsing history.
Text Editor 1.7.b35
Byte Mobile
Simple and powerful text editor for Android, to open and savefiles.It can open more files at once, as it supports tabs. Addedrich textstyling options, so you can make your notes look just theway youwant them! You can now save in .html or .htm formats andshare yourfiles with other apps. FEATURES ★ Open more documents atonce intabs ★ Change font bold, italics, underline, strike-through★ Changefont size, color, typeface, alignment ★ Recently openeddocumentslist, for quick access ★ 17 colorful themes to choosefrom ★Translated in 20+ languages ★ Movable on the SD card ★SamsungMultiview support ★ Optimized for both Smartphones andTablets ★Support for Samsung Dex and Multiwindow And much more!
Microsoft Excel
The powerful Excel spreadsheet app lets you create, view, edit,andshare your files with others quickly and easily. It also letsyouview and edit workbooks attached to email messages. Workinaccounting, auditing, finance, or other fields, withanyone,anywhere with confidence. With Excel, your Office moves withyouand can implement the most complex formulas, with amazingfeatures.Review your work or start a budget on the go. Customizeyourspreadsheet your way with robust formatting tools andgreatfeatures. Excel lets you build your spreadsheet to meetyourspecific needs. Create, calculate, and analyze withconfidenceJump-start your budget, task list, accounting, orfinancialanalysis with Excel's modern templates. Use familiarformulas torun calculations and analyze your data. Rich featuresandformatting options make your workbook easier to read and use.Allspreadsheet features, formats, and formulas operate the sameway,no matter the device you use. Review, edit, and workanywhereReview your Excel files from any device. Edit your data orupdateyour task list from anywhere. Features like sort and filtercolumnshelp focus your review. Create, duplicate, hide, and unhidesheetseasily. Tell a story with your data Insert common charts tobringyour data to life. Use features like add and edit chart labelstohighlight key insights in your data. Draw and annotate withinkMake notes, highlight portions of your worksheet, create shapes,orwrite math equations using the draw tab feature in Excel ondeviceswith touch capabilities. Sharing made easy Share your fileswith afew taps to quickly invite others to edit, view, or leavecommentsdirectly in your workbooks. Copy the content of yourworksheet inthe body of an email message with its format intact orattach orcopy a link to your workbook for other sharingoptions.REQUIREMENTS: � OS version: running any of the supportedversionsof Android and have an ARM-based or Intel x86 processor.Supportfor Kitkat & Lollipop devices will continue till June2019 � 1GB RAM or above To create or edit documents, sign in with afreeMicrosoft account on devices with a screen size of 10.1 inchesorsmaller. Unlock the full Microsoft Office experience withaqualifying Office 365 subscription(see for your phone, tablet,PC,and Mac. Office 365 subscriptions purchased from the app willbecharged to your Play Store account and will automaticallyrenewwithin 24 hours prior to the end of the currentsubscriptionperiod, unless auto-renewal is disabled beforehand. Youcan manageyour subscriptions in your Play Store account settings.Asubscription cannot be cancelled during the activesubscriptionperiod. This app is provided by either Microsoft or athird-partyapp publisher and is subject to a separate privacystatement andterms and conditions. Data provided through the use ofthis storeand this app may be accessible to Microsoft or thethird-party apppublisher, as applicable, and transferred to,stored, and processedin the United States or any other countrywhere Microsoft or theapp publisher and their affiliates or serviceproviders maintainfacilities. Please refer to Microsoft's EULA forTerms of Servicefor Office on Android. By installing the app, youagree to theseterms and conditions:
PayPal Mobile Cash: Send and Request Money Fast 7.4.1
PayPal Mobile
With our improved app, you'll get the convenience you want,pairedwith the secure transactions you've come to trust fromPayPal.Plus, there are no transaction fees when sending money toFriendsand Family in the U.S. when you use your bank account orbalance.HELP KEEP YOUR FINANCIAL INFORMATION PRIVATE AND PROTECTEDYou canget peace of mind you deserve with: 24/7 transactionmonitoringSecure encryption technology Fraud protection Fingerprintandtwo-factor authentication (activation required) SEND MONEYTOFRIENDS AND FAMILY FOR FREE It’s free to send money to FriendsandFamily in the U.S. using your bank account or PayPalbalance.Settle up for your share of the bill, send a loved one thegift ofmoney, or request money from a friend with ease. PAY FORGOODS ANDSERVICES WITH CONFIDENCE Sending money to someone youdon't know?With PayPal, you can send it with confidence. Whenselecting Goods& Services, your eligible send moneytransactions can beprotected by Purchase Protection. Terms andLimitations apply. And,if the recipient doesn't have a PayPalaccount, can open one easilyfor free. ACCESS YOUR BALANCE INSTANTLYWITH THE PAYPAL CASH CARDEasily transfer funds from your bank toyour PayPal account andaccess your balance with the PayPal CashCard. Shop in-store,online or anywhere Mastercard is accepted.Plus, withdraw yourPayPal funds at ATMs worldwide. SEND MONEY TOPAYPAL ACCOUNTSAROUND THE WORLD* We make it easy to send moneyinternationally.Choose from a range of currencies to help maximizethe value ofyour dollar with our competitive fees. Sender andrecipient musthave a PayPal account.
Medium is made for you: people who are genuinely curious abouttheworld and your part in it. From opinion pieces to interviewstoin-depth reportage, photography, and features, Medium storiestakemany shapes, but always leave you with greater insight intotheworld. Our app features a clean reading experience designed toletyou focus on the story (without an ad in sight) wherever youare,from your commute to your couch. You can read a select numberofstories for members each month for free — or subscribe for$5/monthfor unlimited access. HOMEPAGE: The sheer volume ofinformation onthe internet can get to be too much. So in our app,we curatestories based on your personal interests and our editors’picks ofthe best of the day. COLLECTIONS: Our editors package thebeststories on Medium into multi-part collections that youcanbinge-read or savor over time. You can explore expertcolumns,multi-author anthologies, comprehensive explainers, and ourmonthlymagazine. READING: Our app is designed to let you focus onthewords. Bookmark stories on your personal reading list. Jointheconversation by writing a response. Clap for stories toshowwriters your appreciation. If there’s a particular line orpassagethat intrigues you, highlight it for posterity. MEMBERSHIP:With afree Medium account, you get access to all thesefeatures,including all free stories on Medium plus a select numberofstories for members (the ones with a star next to them) permonth.If you upgrade to become a Medium member, you’ll getunlimitedaccess to everything Medium has to offer: the smartest andmostambitious stories from the sharpest writers on Medium,audioversions of popular stories, offline reading access, and more.Allfor $5/month or $50/year. WRITING: For writers, we knowinspirationknows no bounds — you can compose a new story on the goand thenswitch easily to your tablet or computer without a hiccup.PrivacyPolicy: Terms ofService: Questions? Feedback? Toget help,visit
Microsoft PowerPoint
The PowerPoint app gives you access to the familiar tool youalreadyknow. Quickly create, edit, view, present, or sharepresentationsquickly and easily from anywhere. Need to access yourmost recentlyused PowerPoint files quickly while on the go?PowerPoint provides aquick view of your recent files for easyaccess on any device.Worried about multiple file versions when youwork on PowerPointmobile? Syncing is seamless across devices. Workwith anyone andpresent to anyone, anywhere, with confidence. WithPowerPoint, yourOffice moves with you. PowerPoint lets you make alasting impressionwith powerful and customizable presentationsthat make you standout. Create and present with confidence, fromanywhere. Making adelightful and impactful presentation has neverbeen easier.PowerPoint gives you the ability to edit yourpresentation andcustomize it on the go, collaborating with othersin real time.Present with confidence Never miss a beat withPowerPoint on the go.You can make new presentations or continueworking on existing ones.Since PowerPoint syncs your presentationsto OneDrive, you can starta presentation on your PC, then edit andpresent using PowerPointmobile. With presentation view on anydevice present your pointclearly and with confidence, all withoutfiring up your laptop. Makea lasting impression A beautifullycrafted presentation is always awinner. With the powerful andhighly customizable experience inPowerPoint, creatingpresentations that will make an impression andhelp you stand outis easier than ever. Work with others easilyPowerPoint makes iteasy for you to collaborate with others. With1-click sharing,quickly invite others to edit, view, or providefeedback on yourslides. Easily manage permissions and see who’sworking in yourpresentation. Stay on top of changes and feedbackfrom others withintegrated comments within the slides. Comparechanges to see howyour presentation has evolved over time.REQUIREMENTS • OS version:running any of the supported versions ofAndroid and have anARM-based or Intel x86 processor. Support forKitkat & Lollipopdevices will continue till June 2019. • 1 GBRAM or above To createor edit documents, sign in with a freeMicrosoft account on deviceswith a screen size of 10.1 inches orsmaller. Unlock the fullMicrosoft Office experience with aqualifying Office 365subscription (see for yourphone, tablet, PC,and Mac. Office 365 subscriptions purchased fromthe app will becharged to your Play Store account and willautomatically renewwithin 24 hours prior to the end of the currentsubscription period,unless auto-renewal is disabled beforehand.You can manage yoursubscriptions in your Play Store accountsettings. A subscriptioncannot be cancelled during the activesubscription period. This appis provided by either Microsoft or athird-party app publisher andis subject to a separate privacystatement and terms and conditions.Data provided through the useof this store and this app may beaccessible to Microsoft or thethird-party app publisher, asapplicable, and transferred to,stored, and processed in the UnitedStates or any other countrywhere Microsoft or the app publisher andtheir affiliates orservice providers maintain facilities. Pleaserefer to Microsoft’sEULA for Terms of Service for Office onAndroid. By installing theapp, you agree to these terms andconditions:
네이버 블로그 - Naver Blog
Stay connected anywhere, anytime with Naver Blog. With theofficialNaver Blog app, you can check out real-time status of yourblog andthe latest updates from your neighbors. Also, you caneasilypublish posts with photos or location information. Naver Blogisjust the right way to share your stories with theworld!Highlighted Features: 1)Check out real-time status updates ofyourblog and any updated post from your neighbors 2)Viewenlargedphotos on posts. 3)Enjoy lively communication with yourneighbors.You can directly access your neighbors, read their latestupdates,and leave short messages on the board. 4)Upload posts withphotosor maps. You can save them even when you are offline! 5)Add anewblogger as your neighbor and accept anybody who wants to becomeoneof your neighbors. Thank you for using Naver apps. We willcontinueto improve our products and to provide up-to-date services.In casea problem or an error occurs while using the app, pleasefeel freeto leave your inquiry on NAVER Customer Center(, MAIL: [email protected]) Pleasenotethat an accurate assessment and answer to your problem may notbepossible if you do not provide us with a direct inquiry totheabove Customer Center. Please understand that leaving us afeedbackcomment on the review board, while greatly appreciated,does notsuffice as a direct inquiry.
YourQuote — Write Quotes, Poems, Stories & Shayari 1.4.1
Hello there! Since you have landed here, let me makeitconversational. YourQuote Baba, the one who'll welcome you onceyoulogin, taught me that good writing is about starting aconversation& keeping the reader hooked. The year was 2016. Themonth,October. I, much like you, accidentally landed on thisdescriptionwhile searching for a writing app on Google Play. Thisapp wasmerely a month old then. And I got hooked to it! Right fromthestart. It changed the way I saw and felt about writing. So muchsothat I joined the company and now am able to share my storywithyou. To share what YourQuote truly stands for. :) In oneline,YourQuote is a fun writing app that inspires you to beyourself.And it does so by taking care (rather, making sure) thatyou: 1.WRITE EVERYDAY: Yes, that's it. No bullshit. It will inspireyou towrite daily, teaching you techniques to become better andunleashthe most honest voice within you. It's the only writing appyou'llever need to keep the writer within you alive and kicking.2.BECOME A BETTER WRITER (& PERFORMER) WITH TIME: MeettheYourQuote Baba and his family of writer-makers! With dailycreativewriting tips, masterclasses and prompts, YourQuote makeswriting& performing fun and easy for those getting started,andfulfilling for those eager to take it to the next level. 3.MAKEYOUR QUOTES GOOGLE SEARCHABLE: Ever searched for AlbertEinstein orMother Teresa quotes on Google? Ever wondered why onlyfamouspeople's quotes are up on Google? Now no more. YourQuoteturns yourown quotes up on Google search within just a week. Google"YourName Quotes" after posting 20+ quotes or videos & see howmagichappens! 4. FIND WRITER FRIENDS & FOLLOWERS: Befriend awriterand you shall never die, someone wise once said. Imagine aworldfilled with brilliant writers to follow and make friendswith!YourQuote turns your imagination into reality, giving you anaccessto the finest creative minds at your fingertips. Try the funcollabfeature to collaborate with your favourites. 5. WRITE ONPHOTOS& CREATE A PICTORIAL PORTFOLIO OF YOUR ORIGINAL WORKS:Write& perform about anything under the sun (and even aboveit!):from quotes, stories, love poems, terribly tiny tales,shayari,ghazal, jokes, haikus, short audio or video to memes.YourQuotecreates a stunning pictorial portfolio of your originalliterarywork that you can turn into real posters or quote-books(you canorder within the app!), simultaneously garnering thousandsoffollowers on the app with your creativity. 6. USE JUST THERIGHTDESIGN TOOL FOR WRITERS: YourQuote, with its wide varietyofwallpapers & numerous fonts for 10+ languages, has acreationtool of every writer's dreams. See your words come to lifeasframe-worthy quotes, in a super-easy creation flow. 7. LETYOURWORDS TRAVEL THE WORLD & EARN CREDIT: All quotes get postedaspictures & videos have your signature so that when you shareonsocial media, nobody can copy paste your original work ortakecredit for your creations. Posting is boasting! :) ShareacrossFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp & Twitter at theclickof a button. 8. WRITE IN ANY LANGUAGE: We care foryourmother-tongue. Our team speaks 20 languages, you know.YourQuotesupports all languages & has over 1.2 million writerspostingtheir original works in English, Hindi, Odia, Kannada,Malayalam,Bangla, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Assamese amongothers.Join and start this extremely fulfilling journey with words.It'snever too late to start writing. Happy discovering yourselfonYourQuote! :)
PDF Reader for Android 2019 2.103
PDF Reader & PDF Editor 2019 is an app that is multipurposeandversatile in nature that not only a PDF reader but a scannerforyour documents as well. Also PDF Reader provides you more addonthat is it convert your PDF to Text format too. PDF Reader&PDF Editor is application to read and edit PDF files. It is aPDFprocessor and tool that allows to open, navigate, preview,write,annotate and draw over any PDF file. This functionality isprovidedusing two main modules. With PDF Reader and PDF Editor pro2018 youcan organise all your PDF file on a single place thatsupports allkinds of files format. You can Scan your document andphotos forkeeping a digital copy of all these. PDF Reader & PDFEditor isa simple and easy to manage and view PDF file. With allfeaturesyou need a PDF Reader, we will be provide you to pdf readerforbest. PDF Reader with night mode makes it easy to read pdfs inthenight without fear of eye fatigue. Variety of pdf viewerwitheither vertical or horizontal mode. Powerful pdf manager letsyouscan entire pdfs in your device. You can also review the pdfsyouread in the recent section. Easily put a pdf file intoyourfavorite list so you can watch it anywhere and anytime. Isverysimple to use this application. You just need to installtheapplication and then select it as the default pdf viewer andpdfreader app. From any file manager you just need to click on thepdffile and this application will launch itself quickly. ✅ Wanttoread PDF Files and Ebooks and documents? That's what it does!✅Want to list all the PDF Files stored in your phone ,browsePDFsyou have? We got it covered! ✅ Low storage capacity in yourdevicefor apps? ✅ Looking for simple PDF Manager? ✅ PDF editor texttools✅ PDF reader with highlighter and note ✅ Want to quickly openPDFFiles from email, the web, or any app that supports “Share”?✅Share PDF files easily through other apps like Shareit,gmailetc.Feature of PDF Reader and PDF Viewer 2019 - PDF manager file:Scanand update all the pdfs available in your device as quicklyaspossible. List all the pdf files available in your device. Listthepdfs you have recently viewed. Add your favorite pdfs toyourfavorite book, you can open it faster. - PDF Reader Search:Easilyfind your pdfs by name - PDF Viewer: The most importantfeature ofthis application is the pdf viewer. You can easily andquickly viewthe contents of the pdf files in your device. Fromanywhere, youcan quickly launch this application to view your pdfs.- PDF nextto page: Quickly move to the pdf page you desire. It isveryconvenient to see what is currently being viewed. - Search onPDF:Search the desired text easily and quickly in your pdf document-PDF orientation: Vertical and horizontal views provide themostconvenient experience for you - PDF Editor – Text Marking:Weprovide PDF markup tools such as PDF underline, highlight textinPDF, copy PDF text, strike out,... so you can work best withyourPDF files. Also, you can draw on PDF and read PDF as book.PDFReader and PDF Viewer 2019 is a great, simple, convenient andfastapplication. It supports you all that you need for a pdfreaderapplication. We are always interested in your experience withourapp to read PDF files for mobile, so please let us know yourideasby leaving a comment. We will dedicate to bring the bestversion ofour PDF reader and PDF editor. Get the experience rightthis app.If it gives you a good experience evaluate 5 *. Thank youfor using
Reddit 2.26.3
reddit Inc.
With over 100K active communities, on Reddit you can laugh,think,discuss and dig deep into topics that matter to you. Redditis freeand open for everyone to post, share, vote and discuss.Reddit ispowered by people. Your communities upvote and downvoteposts tohighlight the most interesting and relevant content. OnReddit,your privacy and opinions matter. You can share your passionforyour favorite books, movies, video games, sports, TV shows,musicand technology with millions of people who share yourinterests.With Reddit's official app, you can keep up with the mostrecenttrends on the internet! Discover breaking news first, viralvideoclips, funny jokes, and hot memes. The official Reddit appmakes iteasy to find the topics most relevant for you, with aninfinitescroll of content streams including, GIFs and videos, nightmode,and a lightning fast-loading interface. The official Redditapp hasaccess to exclusive new features like Chat, Community GroupChatand more. Get the best of what really interests you You canjoinany community you find interesting, get your news, ask foradvice,discuss sports and voice your opinion. Create a personalizedfeedby subscribing to your favorite subreddits. You can get asociallycurated, constantly updated stream of news headlines, funstories,sports talk, games, viral pics, top memes, and videos thatinterestyou. If you’re into gaming and sports, you can discover thebestXbox and PS4 deals, talk PUBG or Fortnite strategy whilediscussingthe latest NFL, NBA, MLB, and soccer games. You can seewhat’strending on Reddit by visiting r/popular. Contribute &ShareUpload photos, post memes, contribute stories, joindiscussions,and help other people find the best stories, videos,pics, games,and news by upvoting and downvoting posts. Share anddiscuss postswith other redditors. Chat with the community Chat andCommunityGroup Chat are now available on the official Reddit app.Chat isfree, secure and fast! You can use it everywhere, and itsyncsacross all your mobile and desktop devices. You can join thechatroom in a community like r/Fortnite or have aone-on-oneconversation about science, movies, makeup, sports, oryourfavorite funny cat GIFs. With communities focused onentertainment,news, sports, DIY, viral memes, cats, cartoons, andmore... You canfind your home on Reddit. PrivacyPolicy: UserAgreement: ContentPolicy:
Evernote helps you focus on what matters most and have accesstoyour information when you need it. Input typed notes orscanhandwritten notes. Add to-do’s, photos, images, web pages, oraudio... and it’s all instantly searchable. Createnotebooks,organizers, planners. Organize notes any way you want andsharewith anyone. And Evernote syncs your notes and notebooksacrossyour devices so your information is always with you,everywhere yougo. "Use Evernote as the place you put everything …Don’t askyourself which device it’s on—it’s in Evernote" – The NewYorkTimes “When it comes to taking all manner of notes and gettingworkdone, Evernote is an indispensable tool.” – PC Mag *GETORGANIZED*• Write, collect and capture ideas as searchable notes,notebooks,memos, checklists and to-do lists. It’s the only plannerandorganizer you need • Keep journals, documenting the news,eventsand milestones of your daily life • Take notes and createnotebooksin a variety of formats, including: text, sketches,photos, audio,video, PDFs, web clippings and more • Use cameracapture to easilyscan and comment on pieces of paper, includingprinted documents,business cards, handwriting and sketches • AttachMicrosoft Officedocs, PDFs and photos • Create separate notebooksto organize yourmemos, receipts, bills and invoices • Use Evernoteas a digitalnotepad, planner and easy-to-format word processor forall yourthoughts and memos as they come *SYNC ANYWHERE*  •Sync allyour notes and notebooks automatically across any computer,phoneor tablet • Start your task working on one device and continueonanother without ever missing a beat *SHARE YOUR IDEAS* •Create,share and discuss your notes and memos with the people whohelp getyour work done, all in one app • Get inspired andbrainstormcreative ideas by working collaboratively • Share yournotes,notebooks, memos, journals, planner, organizer with yourfriends,colleagues or family *EVERNOTE IN EVERYDAY LIFE* • Makepersonal todo lists to keep your thoughts organized  • Setreminders tokeep on top of activities and write to-do lists •Gather, captureand store every thought you need to stay productive• Plan eventssuch as holidays, weddings or parties • Use it as aplanner toorganize your life • Create notebooks, write notes, memosandjournals on the go with the easy-to-use notepad *EVERNOTEINBUSINESS* • Create agendas and planners, write notes,memos,journals and craft presentations. Use it as your ultimateplannerand organizer at work • Annotate documents with comments andnotesduring team meetings, then share with colleagues *EVERNOTE INEDUCATION* • Keep up with lecture notes so you don’tmiss a vitalthought • Use it as a planner and organizer to keeptrack oflecture notes, exams and assignments • Create differentnotebooksand planners for each class and keep everything organized• Keeptrack of your upcoming exams, assignments and deadlines inyourplanner. • Clip and highlight articles from the web foracademicresearch • Discuss and annotate notes, memos and drafts*HOMESCREEN WIDGET* Access Evernote easier and faster using theHomescreen widget Also available from Evernote:

 EVERNOTE PREMIUM-The ultimate workspace. • 10 GB of new uploads each month•Unlimited number of devices • Access your notes andnotebooksoffline • Save emails to Evernote • Search inside Officedocs andattachments • Annotate PDFs • Scan and digitize businesscards •Show notes as presentations, instantly $7.99 monthly,$69.99annually Price may vary by location. Subscriptions will bechargedto your credit card through your Google account. Yoursubscriptionwill automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24hours beforethe end of the current period. You will not be able tocancel thesubscription once activated. Manage your subscriptions inAccountSettings.
Yanayojiri Tanzania 1.0
Yanayojiri Tanzania, brings you latest news, music, videos, andmorefrom blogs, online newspapers & websites.
Create native Android apps on your smartphone. Main Features:-Block programming similar to Scratch from MIT - Visual Drag&Drop Integrated development environment (IDE) -Automaticallytranslated source code (Java and XML) - Compile andbuild installfiles on your phone (APK file) - Publish and update toGoogle PlayStore - Fully Compatible with Android Studio Sketchwareis aScratch-like block programming based integrateddevelopmentenvironment (IDE) for developing mobile Android apps.It's okay ifyou do not know anything about developing Android apps.Sketchwareis an IDE that uses block language like Scratch, aninnovativeprogramming language invented by MIT that transforms thecomplexlanguage of text-based coding into visual, drag-and-dropbuildingblocks. Scratch is such a simple language, even littlechildren canlearn to develop. Sketchware translates Scratch intoJava and XMLsource codes, so there is no limit on what you candevelop.Sketchware provides documentations you can follow to becomeanexpert at Scratch block programming and Android appdevelopment.Each example contains programming concepts you canunderstand bycompleting the project. Visually design and developapps, thensimply run your app with a single click to build andinstalldirectly on your Android device. The projects are fullycompatiblewith Android Studio, an IDE used on a PC, so you canexport yourfinished project and continue working on Android Studio,or yourfavorite editor. Required Permissions: -WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE /READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: This permission isrequired to save and runprojects. - GET_ACCOUNTS : This permissionis required to loginwith Google Account. Disclaimer: This app wasdevelopedindependently of the MIT Scratch Team, which produces theScratchprogramming language and online community. The Scratch nameandScratch cat are trademarks of MIT.
App Builder by Appy Pie-Create app(Free App Maker) 2.0
Appy Pie LLP
App Builder Appy Pie ( lets you buildyourown Android, iPhone, Windows or PWA App and put it on theappstores without any coding or programming skills. You can buildyourown app with App Builder Appy Pie with some simple drag anddropsteps; and help your business grow and reach the customers whocanbe anywhere in the world! “Make an app, as easy as pie!” AppyPie –the app builder lets you as an individual make an app foryourstart up, but is ideal for the small businesses supporting themtomake their products and services available to a wider audience.“Asoftware company wants to help you build a VR or AR app foryoursmall business.” Forbes “Definitely recommend it to peoplewhodon’t want or don’t know how to code (like myself). Overallverygood!” – Wayn Gaming “Even without layman users, Appy Pie hasatremendous client base, with more than 2 million apps createdand25,000 to 30,000 subscribers using the platform daily...”–International Business Times “Make An App With No CodingSkills,Download Appy Pie App Now!” 4.4 star ratings from genuineusers andour clientele is a homage to the quality of product andservicesoffered by Appy Pie. 100,000 downloads already done andstillcounting! * NO NEED FOR ** Learn Android Development,Androidlearning for beginners , Learn Android Programming ,Tutorials forAndroid:Examples ,Android Studio, ProgrammingKnowledge,No CodingKnowledge, Android Development Tutorial ,Android Programming,Android Studio Tutorial , Android appdevelopment tutorial,Android programming tutorials , Learn androidprogramming step bystep , Android app development tutorial usingAndroid studio ,Android mobile app development tutorial , Learnandroid appdevelopment step by step , Android development online ,Androidprograming tutorial * YOU NEED * App Builder App Maker AppCreatorApp generator Create an app Make your own app AppdevelopmentAndroid app maker Website builder Online app makerIphone appbuilder Create my own app Best app creator Easy appmakerArtificial intelligence in App Development Artificialintelligenceprogramming Artificial intelligence projects Do youknow how tocreate an ideal App? Are you looking to make an App foryourBusiness? How to make free Android App in minutes ? Your wishisover. With Let's App Builder ,It is the world's fastestgrowingmobile platform for business. Create your own androidapplicationfor free in minutes! No coding skills or technicalknowledgeneeded. Prime Let's App Builder - introduces the firstappdevelopment builder tool that doesn't needed any programming andisdesigned for the palm of hand. you will be able to create yourownapp with three easy steps : (i) Selection (ii) Design (iii)Build .Move your business M2M to the next IOT level by having amobile appright now. Easy way to use app maker and requires noprogrammingskills . You will be able to create powerful &awesome appdesign that will look and feel beautifully like a nativeapp.Features : - Instant deliver .apk file - FREE Trial - Materialuserinterface - Multiple app categories to choose from - themestobetter suit your needs - Give instant updates to end userwithupdating app - Versatile design to personalize your app withyourown images and text - Social Media integration, connectyourFacebook, YouTube and Twitter to your app - Publishing to appstoreplatforms (Google Play) - Send push notifications to yourusers -Flexible chat - Add various pages like-about,contact,home,map,chat,quiz,document,survey,portfolio e.t.c-Additional services Benefit : - No need for learningAndroidApplication Development tutorial - Free of coding ortechnicalskill - No need for learning JAVA or XML *You will needasubscription to keep your app published. A free trial is included.
Writer 1.1
James McMinn
Writer is a writing application without the fuss and distractionofa traditional word processor. It's perfect for everythingfromtaking notes to writing a novel on your phone ortablet.Writer'sphilosophy is Keep It Simple. Writer tries to be asbasic aspossible, giving you somewhere to turn your thoughts intotext,markdown support, and some statistics. Nothing more.Nothingless.Note: Files are currently stored stored insdcard://Writer/.Future versions of Writer will allow you to selecta customdirectory, share documents through email, and synchronizeyourdocuments using Dropbox and
Your Phone Companion 3.3.8
Keep your devices in sync – instant access to your phone’stexts,photos, docs, and more on your PC. You love your phone. Sodoesyour PC. With Your Phone Companion app, easily sync yourAndroid toyour Windows 10 PC for instant access to your phone'sphotos,texts, docs, and more – right from your PC. No need to digfor yourphone to text. And you can finally stop emailing yourselfphotos.Find the Your Phone app on your Windows 10 PC to learnmore.* WithYour Phone Companion app, you also get apprecommendations forphone and PC continuity. Find apps by Microsoftthat help you pickup where you left off – wherever you left off.Work on your PC,then access it on your Android with other greatapps by Microsoft.Or, discover other apps by Microsoft that helpyou fit what youneed into the palm of your hand. Browse Microsoft'sapp offeringsacross categories like Productivity, Education,Entertainment,Communication, and News. *You must link your Androidphone to yourWindows 10 PC in Windows Settings or through YourPhone app on yourWindows 10 PC. To complete the linking process,you must downloadthis Your Phone Companion app onto your Androidphone and followthe setup prompts. Requires Android 7.0+. Byinstalling this app,you agree to the Terms ofUse and PrivacyPolicy
AndroDOC editor for Doc & Word 3.5.9
AndroDOC is an app to edit Word documents that you will be abletocreate, modify and share. AndroDOC combines the functionality ofanandroid file manager with the open source office softwareforediting Word documents, LibreOffice. It contains two mainmodules:* The DOC & DOCX module, which provides thefollowingfunctionality: - Create WORD documents in differentformats. - EditWORD documents from OpenOffice, LibreOffice orMicrosoft Excel. -Search for texts. - Insert images / tables /files. - Stylemanagement: font size, font style. - Find &replace. - OpenSource. - Export to PDF from documents. - Documentformatssupported are the OpenDocuments formats (.odt and .ott), butinaddition to them AndroDOC can open the formats used byMicrosoft(.doc and .docx)(see·Microsoft Word 6.0/95/97/2000/XP (.doc) · Microsoft Word 2007XML(.docx) · Microsoft WinWord 5 (.doc) · LibreOffice ODFtextdocument (.odt) · OpenOffice ODF text document (.odt) · RichTextFormat (.rtf) · Text and CSV (.csv and .txt) * The filemanagermodule, which provides the following functionality: -Homedirectory when you first load the file manager. - Alloperationswith files and folders: copy, move, upload, createfolder/file,rename, archive, extract, edit, etc. - Bookmarks overthe files ordirectories. - View the file or directory properties:name,location, size, date. - Light and Elegant client UIsupportingphones and tablets. - Grid, List and Icons viewsavailable. - Sortby name, last modified, size or type. - FTP accessintegrated. -Image preview support - Search for files - Recentfiles - OpenSource AndroDOC is based on the android Amaze filemanager andLibreOffice Online running in our cloud servers. Itssource code isopen, and locatedin
Textgram - write on photos
Textgram allows you to create beautiful graffiti and photos outofany text and share it with your friends on social networksorinstant messaging applications. It also allows you to write ontopof your photos and add stickers, frames, filters and otherstuff.Textgram Store contains lots of free backgrounds, frames andfontsthat you can download and use.
Ostracon de Chios | One Piece 92 | Misty (Cantonese) - 謎霧殺機 - Episode 20