1.0.5 / application icon* Fixed a bug where the game could pause while in a transition screen* Some slight performance improvements* Optimised some background textures* Reduced game file
(4.8/5) (6)


«Tales of the Tiny Planet» tells the story of a Planetsearchingthrough the galaxies for his lost friends. You have theability tomanipulate the world elements to guide him safely throughthegalaxies in this Physics-Puzzle-Adventure. Will the missingplanetbe behind the next portal? Find out, beat the high-score orcompetewith your friends in this new Physics-Puzzle!One buttoncontrolseverything - Think that it's simple?Use one button tocontrol agroup of complex mechanisms. The timing of the buttonpress must beprecise to carry the planet through the portal to thenextlevel.Try to beat the levels as fast as possible to collectstarsthat will unlock more levels. Each world brings newelements,mechanics and surprises. Find out how you can bring alltheplanet-friends back together!Features• Planets• 6 lovinglycraftedworlds• More planets• 72 varied levels• Stars and stuff•Lots ofachievements• Rankings - to compete and overtake yourfriends•Planets (Have we already mentioned that?)• Infinitevastness andendless joy

App Information Tales of the Tiny Planet - Physics Puzzle Venture

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    Tales of the Tiny Planet - Physics Puzzle Venture
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    application icon* Fixed a bug where the game could pause while in a transition screen* Some slight performance improvements* Optimised some background textures* Reduced game file
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Pixelsplit GmbH & Co. KG Brönnerstr. 9 60313 Frankfurt am Main Deutschland
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